360 Total Security 1.5.1002 Crack License Code & Keygen (Updated 2022)

Security products often incorporate a wider array of functions to ensure the host computer is not only free from malware infections, but it also runs smoothly, without any errors.
360 Total Security is one such application, since it includes an antivirus scanner, a cleanup tool and a startup booster, all wrapped nicely with an intuitive GUI.
Antivirus protection powered by three distinct engines
When you run the utility for the first time, you need to allow it to take the time to thoroughly analyze the status of your PC, so as to identify the areas where it needs to be improved upon.
Next, you can initiate an antivirus scan, choosing between full, quick and custom – once the scanning is complete, 360 Total Security displays a detailed list with all the detected threats and you can specify the action should be taken.
If you are sure that the suspicious file is safe, you can mark it as trustworthy and the app will no longer flag in the future. Otherwise, all detected files will be moved to the quarantine.
Effortlessly remove junk files from your PC and free disk space
Another handy function of 360 Total Security is searching for obsolete files and folders on your computer that prevent it from running at full speed.
Once the said files have been identified, you can choose the ones you want to keep, then remove the rest of them, thus freeing up space on your hard disk and improve the performance of the PC.
Improve the boot speed and disable unnecessary startup items
In addition, you can rely on 360 Total Security whenever you want to explore the applications that are set to run at Windows startup. You can also browse through the scheduled tasks, application services and system services and disable the ones you consider to be unnecessary.
The application displays some advice regarding the entries you should disable or not, so as not to jeopardize the system’s stability.
All in all, 360 Total Security is a reliable solution that can keep malware at bay, while also cleaning your PC of junk data and boosting its speed.









360 Total Security Crack 2022

360 Total Security Torrent Download is a highly-efficient tool, with a clean and intuitive interface. It has three distinct engines to combat malware, and is powered by a trio of technologies – antivirus, internet security and privacy protection.
– Scans your system for known virus threats
– Perform the full system scan, removing infected files and searching for hidden objects
– Identify suspicious files and remove them
– Perform quick and custom scans, to keep your PC safe
– Automatically backup selected folders
– Three different engines to combat malware
– VPN protection
– Anti-theft protection and SMS / Call blocking
– Password manager
– Scheduled tasks and startup manager
– E-mail security
– Internet security and privacy protection
– Junk file and folder search
– Network traffic and system monitor
– Chat security and anti-spam
– Firewall
– Online backup
– Windows registry backup, files encryption and shredding
– Updated virus definition base
– Applies security updates
– Automatically downloads and installs security updates.
– Install of all essential programs
– Install of all Chrome and Flash Plugins
– Ad-free design, easy to use and comfortable to navigate
– PC tools and system administration
– Easy to use set up wizard
– Support for a wide variety of languages, including Polish, Spanish, Finnish, Russian, Italian and Romanian
[Version Reviewed]
[Ver 1.6]
Size: 1.69 MB
Date: 2017-12-05 15:33:00
Rating: 3.8 (4.6)
System: Windows 8 (32bit)
[Type: Software]
[License: Sales for Windows]
[By. Softonic]
[2017-12-05 03:03:13 GMT,2017-12-05 03:03:13]

[Version Reviewed]
[Ver 1.6]
Size: 1.69 MB
Date: 2017-12-05 15:33:00
Rating: 3.7 (4.6)
System: Windows 8 (32bit)
[Type: Software]
[License: Sales for Windows]
[By. Softonic]
[2017-12-05 03:03:13 GMT,2017-12-05 03:03:

360 Total Security Crack+ Free PC/Windows [Updated]

360 Total Security is a reliable antimalware toolkit that is designed for Windows users in order to keep their PC free from malware.


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Microsoft has added a new feature to Windows 7 – Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security. By default, this feature is turned off and it’s possible to leave it turned off in the Start menu or through the Control Panel. This saves the system from being infected with malware. However, Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security (formerly called Windows Firewall with Advanced Security) is turned on by default. This security feature allows the user to customize settings and control access to some applications, while blocking access to other malware.
In the past it was difficult to get rid of the program, which often caused errors, causing system problems. Nevertheless, Windows 7 has enabled the user to completely disable the program, which means that Firewall with Advanced Security will not affect the system’s operation. This is certainly a good news for Windows 7 users, as this often used security tool comes with problems that affect the system when it is turned on.
1. Turn it on by default
We suggest turning on Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security as it is turned off by default. This option will prevent attacks while your system is being used. Additionally, it is a good security tool that will help prevent malware from infecting the system.
2. Disable/enable the Firewall
In Windows 7, you can also disable and then enable Firewall with Advanced Security as needed by using the control panel.

Mystery Drive:

Windows Defender Firewall has released Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security, which will be a new security feature in Windows 7. The software provides users with additional options to customize and control their firewall settings. It will protect the PC from security threats, such as malware or viruses.
Windows Defender Firewall is not a traditional firewall, but rather a security feature. This component was designed to help your system better defend against possible threats without disrupting any applications, such as your antivirus. Users can obtain all of the features of Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security, including customizable firewall settings, through the Control Panel’s Windows Firewall & Internet Security.
However, when you use the traditional Windows Firewall, you do not have the ability to access or control your own settings, as you may with the Windows Defender Firewall. You may turn off Microsoft Windows Firewall through the control panel

360 Total Security Crack + For PC

360 Total Security is an antivirus application from BitDefender, which offers a powerful combination of features, such as a blacklist and a whitelist, a behavioral scanner and startup items, an anti-spyware scanner and more.
The free version of 360 Total Security can be used to scan your PC for malware, as well as detect and remove them. It also includes a sandboxing engine that lets you detect rootkits and other malware in your PC.
The application makes it simple for you to scan your computer for infections, as well as clean up files and registry keys. It will also manage startup programs, allowing you to alter the way your PC starts up.
The Advanced Version of 360 Total Security includes more advanced features, such as a behavioral scanner, a hidden file search, automated system scans and additional system utilities. It costs $79.95 for a 30-day trial, as well as $29.95 for a one-year subscription.
What’s in the Spyware Cure Pro anti-malware Software 2019?
# The spyware cure pro anti-malware software 2019 is one of the most in demand products by all the users due to it’s amazing features and user interface.
# The program contains security measures to keep your PC clean of dangerous malware.
# You can scan your PC for malware even if you have an existing license of the Bitdefender anti-malware.
# It offers the functions of a permanent anti-malware scanner and the ability to scan the system whenever you need.
# You can take the help of the online malware database which covers all the applications that are used in the PC.
# The Bitdefender’s User Interface is easy to use.
# All the important menus and buttons are provided for the easy scanning and removal of the viruses.
# You can create a strong anti-malware database even without having a license.
# You can easily delete the entire PC history, including all the downloaded software and websites that are visited by the user.
# All the temp files and the keylogs are stored in a secure area.
# The Bitdefender works with all the Windows Operating System.
# Due to the rapid technology advancement, there are many new viruses and bugs are developed by hackers every day.
# Thus, there should be no significant slowdown in the performance of your computer.
# All the latest malware and spyware are provided with the Bitdefender since they are continuously updated.

What’s New in the 360 Total Security?

If you are looking for a utility to remove unwanted software from your computer,
360 Total Security can be one of your best bets.
The application is available in a free, trial version, and those who liked what they saw can purchase the full version to remove all the potential malware for good.
The program supports most of the most popular file extensions and can detect and remove file virus threats even if they are buried deep inside other files.
The free trial version of the program can detect and remove just about any malware threats, if detected, and the full version allows for a complete system scan, as well as the removal of files, crashers, malware and other potential infections.
Features include:
• Detects and removes any infections found on your computer, and you can opt to keep all or remove some of them
• Rids your PC of all types of application add-ons, and you can even choose to remove the ones found only within specific programs
• Detects any potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) that are buried in different places on your computer
• Labels the detected files as trustworthy, potentially dangerous or untrusted
• Displays not only the detected threats, but also any applications, processes, services or scheduled tasks that are scheduled to run at Windows startup
• Helps you identify and remove junk files from your PC that are keeping your computer from running at full speed
• Displays the entries stored on your computer that will be scheduled to run at startup
• Allows you to manage scheduled tasks
• Displays a list of all installed software
• Displays various system properties
• Displays a list of applications set to run at startup
• Automatically detects outdated applications
• Displays a list of applications and modules that use the most RAM and CPU
• Displays startup applications, system services, crashers, startup items and scheduled tasks
• Displays a list of shortcuts and file associations
• Displays a list of browser plug-ins
• Displays a list of network locations
• Displays a list of shared network locations
• Displays a list of FTP, HTTP and MMS locations
• Provides a list of installed CD/DVD, and Blu-ray drive drivers
• Displays a list of installed printers
• Displays a list of accessories
• Allows you to perform a system scan and repair errors, issues and other system problems
• Displays a list of installed device drivers
• Displays a list of folders and hidden

System Requirements For 360 Total Security:

Windows® 7, 8 or 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
2.0 GHz dual core processor
16GB available space
DirectX 11
Windows® Operating System
Minimum requirements:
1.0 GHz dual core processor
4GB available space
Minimum Requirements for Windows® XP:


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