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AutoCAD began as a series of small command line tools that operated on the CP/M operating system. As this platform has long been superseded by the MS-DOS operating system and UNIX, versions of AutoCAD are available for multiple platforms, the latest being the Windows version of AutoCAD LT, released in March 2017. Other older versions are available for the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

In January 2017, Autodesk announced the acquisition of cloud-based 3D content creation and management platform, Design Forge, for $1.35 billion. The agreement included Autodesk’s agreement to acquire the popular Design Essentials add-on for 1.35 billion dollars.

AutoCAD originally stood for Auto Computer-Aided Drafting (from the Greek auto, “self”, and graphein, “to write”, or computer-aided, “using a computer”).


A typical suite of AutoCAD products can include the following:

Windows, macOS, and Linux versions of AutoCAD.
AutoCAD LT, a proprietary version for Windows, macOS, and Linux that includes the original functionality of AutoCAD but has fewer features and does not offer stereolithography (STL) output and other new features.
AutoCAD Architecture for the iPad
AutoCAD 360 Mobile and Autodesk Viewer for iOS.

AutoCAD may be installed directly from CD or downloaded as a compressed file. AutoCAD LT is typically stored in a file. AutoCAD also can be run from a USB flash drive. A thin-client installation is the equivalent of a network installation. The thin client installation can save time because installation is usually faster than a network installation. The cost of a thin-client installation is generally less than that of a network installation. An alternate installation is using a CD or flash drive. AutoCAD LT can be used in this way too.

AutoCAD’s user interface is object-oriented, using visual modeling tools to represent the objects to be drawn (e.g. by placing, extending, deleting, hiding, and so on), non-visual drafting tools, and a non-visual command line interface. The software has a large toolbox of drafting tools, including traditional construction and mechanical drawing tools, the ability to edit and organize objects, and various parameter-based commands to automate drawing (e.g

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How to add new element to existing array in ES6?

How can I add elements to existing array? If there is no “push” method I can use some kind of queue. I tried to use push but it didn’t work.
var q = [];

if( === 200) {


There is no direct method for array push. You can use the spread operator for it.
var q = [].concat(data);

Since ES2015 you can use concat
var q = [].concat(data);

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How to uninstall the license key
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Accessing variables from a popup outside of a controller in jQuery

I’m working on a project where I want to reuse a popup box for adding an event. I have this working properly by setting the content via
var startTime = new Date(“2010-05-12T00:00:00Z”).getTime();
var endTime = new Date(“2010-05-12T00:00:00Z”).getTime();
var eventName = document.createElement(“span”);
var eventType = document.createElement(“span”);
var eventTitle = document.createElement(“span”);
var eventDescription = document.createElement(“span”);

$(“.addNewEvent”).click(function () {

eventName.innerHTML = nameBox.value;
eventType.innerHTML = typeBox.value;
eventTitle.innerHTML = titleBox.value;
eventDescription.innerHTML = descriptionBox.value;

var div = $(‘#eventForm’);

$(“#eventForm”).append(‘ Event’+ eventName.innerHTML + ‘ Duration’+ eventType.innerHTML + ”+ eventDescription.innerHTML + ”);



My problem is when I want to go to the next step of adding the event to a DB, I don’t know how to get the values back into the popup, or if it’s possible in this situation at

What’s New in the?

Markup Assist is a new drawing tool that helps you manage and update your drawings by pulling in information from your printed design mockups.

Multi-plane constraints:

Multi-plane constraints are powerful modeling tools that allow you to simulate rigid body dynamics. In AutoCAD, you can represent a simple robot arm as a single point mass and constrain it to multiple planes to simulate rigid body motion.

Faster drawing with the Autodesk Graphics SDK:

The Graphics SDK is a new technology that enables AutoCAD to leverage desktop graphics capabilities, enabling you to leverage your current graphics hardware or workstation even if you don’t have a high-performance graphics card in your computer.

A new collection of workflows for online and remote collaboration:

Business workflows are a set of collaborative design tasks. They are a powerful way for you to quickly bring together users with varying expertise and experience levels to work on a common design.

Drawing in the cloud:

Use the cloud to store and manage your designs, access them from anywhere, and share drawings with collaborators.

When you draw a shape in AutoCAD, a.dwg file is created. This file can be sent to a cloud-based drawing service, such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or OneDrive. These cloud-based drawing services have built-in capabilities to share and host your AutoCAD designs.

Drawing in the cloud enables you to easily share drawings, collaborate on designs, and keep track of changes.

Access the community:

If you’re interested in learning more about how to leverage the power of AutoCAD, or if you want to engage with other users of AutoCAD, then the online community can help.

Join the forum, ask questions, and share your ideas with peers. You can also explore the online tutorials and sample files for deeper learning.

3D modeling and sketching

Multiresolution mesh:

3D modeling and sketching gets better and faster with the new Multiresolution Mesh. Enable the new tool and turn off the draft mode to work with a multi-resolution mesh.

Embedding curved surfaces:

Simplify your complex geometries with the new Embed Curved Surfaces option. The Embed Curved Surfaces tool allows you to embed curved surfaces into a geometry, in a

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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