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As its name implies, AutoCAD provides a 2D drafting experience but is usually used for creating 3D models as well. A key feature is support for the automation of repetitive tasks. Its integration with BIM (Building Information Modeling) programs, combined with extensive web integration, make it a very popular product.

A user interface with several key functions is similar to that of MS Word. Text objects such as text boxes, multiline text, and shapes such as lines, circles, and polylines are used to create a wide variety of complex drawings. There is some overlap with MS Visio, as both are CAD tools but with certain differences. For instance, Visio uses “shapes” or “objects” to represent drawings, whereas in AutoCAD, “blocks” (objects) represent building components.

The following features are available in AutoCAD:

File import/export

Blocks: Create basic shapes, such as rectangles, triangles, circles, and ovals.

Objects: Represent views, layers, and styles.

Paragraph: Paragraph is used for creation of text objects that contain text or drawing objects.

Points: Represent text or coordinates.

Presets: Customize elements, such as axes, frames, grids, guides, lines, boxes, and text.

Paths: Represent shapes that can be used to represent a pattern in a drawing or presentation.

Polylines: Represent paths (lines, curves, etc.).

Rectangles: Create rectangles with edges and perimeters.

Shapes: Create shapes with attributes and dimensions.

Styles: Use styles to customize objects and edit text.

Text: Represent characters, numbers, words, or a combination of the two.

Windows: Use a drawing window (DC) to review, correct, or create a drawing.

Features are also stored in a “database” that are defined and can be reused in new projects.


AutoCAD has a user interface that includes three types of objects:

Blocks: Create basic shapes such as rectangles, triangles, circles, and ovals.

Objects: Represent views, layers, and styles.

Paragraph: Paragraph is used for creation of text objects that contain text or drawing objects.

Points: Represent text or coordinates.


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2015 API release
In 2015, AutoCAD introduced a new Application Programming Interface (API) with which developers can write AutoCAD extensions, and the first-time release included a new user interface and drawing improvements.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Powerful Markups:

Ensure that every aspect of your design, from text to dimensions, is just right. Use multiple tools to enhance your drawings’ readability and usability. (video: 1:28 min.)

Stay up to date:

Get news about CAD updates on AutoCAD, Civil 3D, AutoCAD WS, AutoCAD LT, and other products. (video: 1:13 min.)

Share files:

Use AutoCAD Connect to work with AutoCAD users and incorporate design assets and source data into your documents. (video: 2:22 min.)

Get help:

View AutoCAD tutorials, videos, support articles, and more to help you master the basics and get more out of AutoCAD. (video: 2:18 min.)

New features available in AutoCAD LT 2023

Import markups from multiple CAD formats including AutoCAD and Inventor.

Add dynamic names to your objects that provide context to your designs and the users who receive them.

Clone one or more drawings from one drawing library into another drawing library.

Easily navigate between copies in a drawing by using the tabbed document interface.

Make modifications to multiple drawings with just a few clicks.

Create and work with intelligent 3D models, including rendering, animations, and a full-featured 3D viewer.

Make multiple adjustments to one drawing and have those modifications affect other drawing libraries in the same file.

Easily run reports and export drawings in DWG and DXF formats.

Support, help, and education

Get all the AutoCAD news you need, from tips and tricks to tips and tutorials.

For troubleshooting tips, AutoCAD videos, and user-submitted solutions, consult the AutoCAD troubleshooting guide.

For other ways to keep up with AutoCAD and join the AutoCAD community, visit our community site.

What’s new in Civil 3D 2023

Productivity enhancements:

Turn AutoCAD into the primary productivity tool with new command-line tools to help you automate design and engineering workflows. (video: 5:23 min.)

Learn how to streamline your documentation with the new annotation feature and how to incorporate your third-party drawing tools. (video: 3:50

System Requirements:

Intel Core i5 or equivalent; AMD equivalent; NVIDIA GTX 460 or equivalent;
8GB of system memory;
8GB of available hard-disk space;
DirectX 11 compliant video card;
720p or 1080p resolution monitor;
Windows 7, Vista, or XP with SP3
Audio: Built-in stereo speakers; Xbox One offers a 7.1 surround-sound system
*The system and the software (including online and any upgrades or upgrades thereto) may have been modified since original purchase. Some games may

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