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For most purposes, users prefer to use an AutoCAD 2D plan drawing, and most AutoCAD configurations run this type of drawing. AutoCAD is available in several types:


Desktop CAD

Mobile-based AutoCAD

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Design Web

With AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD LT Architecture, or AutoCAD Architecture, you create and modify 2D architectural drawings. AutoCAD LT Architecture is the default for Architecture drawings.

With AutoCAD Design Web, you create and modify 2D design drawings on the web. You can also create and modify 2D drawings in the cloud. The AutoCAD cloud-based drawing process enables you to draw and edit in the cloud and then convert the data to PDF, DWG, and other common formats. The DWG file remains on the cloud server until you upload a copy of it to your local machine.

For more information about these AutoCAD types, see the “AutoCAD types” section later in this article.

This article shows you how to create AutoCAD drawings and how to edit AutoCAD drawings.

AutoCAD terminology

You can enter AutoCAD drawings by using a mouse or by using the keyboard. When you create a drawing, enter keystrokes that correspond to mouse movements. You also can use commands, tools, and styles to modify the drawing.

The AutoCAD world comprises many terms, including:

Commands (or tools): The building blocks of AutoCAD drawings

Tools: These are the commands that control other commands

Styles: These are the collections of commands that make up a drawing

Drawing: The end result of using a drawing tool

Parameters: The settings you enter to apply a command or style to a drawing

Objects: These are the basic elements of a drawing that you can manipulate and change

Organize: This is the process of arranging objects in a drawing

You can view AutoCAD objects with the Object Browser window. The Object Browser window displays an organizational hierarchy tree of all objects in the drawing.

The Organize dialog box, shown in Figure 1.1, contains two main tabs: Tree and Properties. The Organize window opens when you click the Organize tab in the Object Browser window.

FIGURE 1.1 The Organize window contains two tabs

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as those created by third parties
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Since I am going to be attending the SCBWI conference, I am sending this to my new friends at SCBWI. The challenge was to create something like a cocktail party and then to send it to the person at the other end of the party as they found it. I wanted to keep the back story a secret (though, of course, the paper-clip is a big clue), so you’ll have to guess what I had for cocktail party (or open a jar of peanut butter, maybe?)

As you can see, I made a paper clip/peanut butter party game for Amy’s Corner. She was playing along with me when I did this, and so I put her name in as a prize.

Thanks for looking!

(If I didn’t know you were a mother of three, you would be the hottest chick at this party!)

Since this is the most popular paper-clip party at this time, I’ll have two contests. One for the color clip, and one for the gradient.

1. The color contest: All you have to do is color the paper clip to match the color of the gradient. 2. The gradient contest: I will post a link at the end of this post to a free pdf you can download. You have until August 13th to enter.

Winner of the first contest gets to pick the color paper clip and the winner of the second gets to pick the gradient.

One of the things that would make this contest a lot more fun is if you have your own design of a paper clip with a colored background. I will send you a link to your design, so that we can add it to the paper

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What’s New in the?

Ability to generate drawing sheets using formatted graphics. No longer need to manually create extra objects in your drawing just to include graphic graphics. (video: 2:30 min.)

Rotation mode and ability to edit units on Drawing Objects.

New ruler tools.

Ability to snap to datum and view options.

Analytical Tools:

Predictive Modeling:

Ability to create and select a 3D solver.

Add function to create a drawing with a model-based analytical method (SketchUp and Google Earth Pro).

3D Modeling:

Updated 3D Protractor tool

Streamlined Protractor tool

New ability to create 2D structures in 3D environment

New support for stereolithography

New support for sheet metal

New support for many 3D tools

New ability to use tools on a model, even when the model is not currently open.

Block modeler and annotator tools:

Block modeling tools:

Radial Revolve




Circular Arch










Sweep to Line

Sweep to Polyline

Sweep to Arc

Sweep to Circle

Sweep to Circle to Sweep

Sweep to Circle to Special

Sweep to Polyline

Sweep to T-junction

Sweep to Z-junction


Sweep to Wall

Sweep to Left-Angled

Sweep to Right-Angled

Sweep to Double

Sweep to Extended

Sweep to U-junction

Sweep to Wall and Polyline

Sweep to Sweep

Sweep to Sweep to Sweep

Sweep to Sweep to Special

Sweep to Sweep to T-junction

Sweep to Sweep to Z-junction

Sweep to Sweep to Wall

Sweep to Sweep to Left-Angled

Sweep to Sweep to Right-Angled

Sweep to Sweep to Double

Sweep to Sweep to Extended

Sweep to Sweep to U-junction

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Crimson Skies is a remake of the original game. It is designed for high definition widescreen monitors. The game will look good on widescreen monitors but may have issues with aspect ratio on 4:3 monitors.
It is recommended that you have at least a 3.5GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. We’ve tested this game on Mac OS X 10.6 and Windows 7 and it performs very well on both systems. You can also use a Mac with OS X 10.5 or later to play the game.

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