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Award Utilities is a comprehensive and user-friendly program that comes packed with a multitude of handy features to help you scan the computer for junk, fragmented and history files, find duplicated records and fix broken shortcuts, as well as optimize the overall system and memory performance.
It offers an accessible and intuitive interface that organizes all the functions into distinct categories and provides graphical reports where is necessary. The app also includes a file shredder, splitter, along with an executable password protector and deleted items recovery.
Look up for junk and old records, remove duplicates and misplaced icons
The first section deletes unwanted and unnecessary entries from the system, which includes a hard disk cleaner that gets rid of all the junk items by scanning the drive, registry remover, which scans the Windows Registry for fragmented files, and removes all the Internet history traces. The scan might take a while depending on how full your disk is, and once it's completed it displays the difference between cleaning and after.
Following is the system optimization that offers the option to look for duplicated files in particular locations, based on a few criteria, such as same name and size, creation, written or last accessed time, and specific file formats. Plus, you can scan for broken or misplaced shortcuts and delete outdated or unwanted ones.
Boost the memory and manage startup and uninstalled apps
The memory optimizer comes with four distinct tabs, such as memory information, where you can view the total, available and used capacity, CPU that monitors the processor activity, and optimization and program settings.
You have the options to schedule an auto shutdown at a particular hour and set a user and password to cancel the process, along with startup programs management and system control. Other worth mentioning features are process and uninstall managers, system information, Windows tools, as well as deleted records retrieval, file shredder and splitter and password protection for specific executables.
Overall, Award Utilities is a reliable and intuitive utility that comes bundled with a multitude of options enclosed into a straightforward interface. They come in handy for those who want to clean their hard drive of junk and fragmented entries, delete the Internet history, improve the overall system performance, and manage their Windows and startup shortcuts and programs.







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What’s in this version:
New:•Fix bug (menu items was not resized and didn’t close when the program was closed).•Update: new and improved translation files.
What’s new in this version:
Fix bug (menu items was not resized and didn’t close when the program was closed)
Update: new and improved translation files

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·Hard Drive Optimizer – Manage duplicated files, history traces and more
·Memory Optimizer – Manage the available, used and total PC memory
·System Optimizer – Backup and Restore PC settings
·Process Manager – Deletes the process or background application
·Split/Merge files – Combine, split, or move the selected files to other folders
·Backup application – Create a archive with the application/data
·Wipe/Clean up file history – Displays the latest modified and accessed files, and even shreds the deleted ones
·Registry Cleaner – Remove the leftover registry entries that cause speed problems and other program issues
·Shortcut Manager – Prints shortcut shortcut properties, such as program association, creation date, and start location
·File Shredder – Remove or shred selected files
·Uninstall Manager – Delete the pre-downloaded or installed applications
·System Settings/Security/Others – View the computer and installed system information
·Unused Space Manager – Manage the RAM memory
·File Splitter – Split large files
·Password Protected EXE – Protect the selected executable by a strong password
·Graphical Help
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Memory Information
Hard Drive Cleaner
Memory Optimizer
System Optimizer
Process Manager
Split/Merge Files
Backup Application
Registry Cleaner
Shredding Files
Uninstall Manager
System Setting
Unused Memory (RAM) Manager
File Splitter
Password Protected EXE
Windows Explorer
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Award Utilities Free

Award Utilities is a well-organized, straightforward utility to clean out junk and old records on your system. You can search your computer for unwanted, unnecessary, and fragmented files, as well as broken or misplaced shortcuts from the C:\Users\{User} and C:\Program Files folders. You can also find duplicate and misplaced icons from the desktop and system tray, look up for history and registry traces, and reset the browser settings from the program’s interface.
Using Award Utilities you can also review the system memory, optimize the system performance, and improve startup and uninstall program status.
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What’s New in the?

There are plenty of free programs to perform a cleaner version of your drive, but you don’t need to run and pay for every ones. Award Utilities is a unique utility that offers more than just a cleaner, but can also increase your system’s performance. Learn how to use Award Utilities to fix your computer and find out what it is all about.
Developer: C&C Challenge Inc.
Last Updated: December 9, 2018
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Download Awards Utilities (32-bit)
Download Awards Utilities (64-bit)

Welcome to the Award Utilities program!
In this software Review I’ll show you how to use Award Utilities, and also I’ll evaluate it as a program.
Below you’ll see some of the built-in features:
Clean the computer of junk and optimize the memory with a single click:
The first section of the program offers the option to scan all the files on the hard drive and securely delete all the junk and useless files (media files, duplicates, unused software, etc.) that could not be removed through Windows System Restore or by installing Junk File Cleaner. Then, it also offers to remove any duplicated files from the registry, which can result in performance issues on your computer.
Award Utilities Conclusion
Thank you for reading this evaluation!
Visit My WebSite to see more about other programs.
(Maybe I can update this review if you provide me with a link to your own review!)
System Requirements
Operating system:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
2.0 GHz
1 GB
Hard drive:
16 GB or more
Other requirements:
15 GB available space
General Questions:
Is this a free program? Can I redistribute it? Can I create my own version of it?
Download Awards Utilities (32-bit)
Download Awards Utilities (64-bit)

Welcome to the Award Utilities program!
In this software Review I’ll show you how to use Award Utilities, and also I’ll evaluate it as a program.
Below you’ll see some of the built-in features:
Clean the computer of junk and optimize the memory with a single click:
The first section of the program offers the option to scan all the files

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