Beamrise [Mac/Win]

Visiting the preferred websites and getting in touch with online friends is a common daily activity for a lot of people worldwide. Given the large number of users undergoing this task, many developers try to attract as many of them as possible through their Internet browsing solutions and other similar apps.
One such software is Beamrise, which is basically a web browser, but it packs several features that are meant to set it apart from other similar utilities.
Browse the web from a simple and practical GUI
As soon as the installation procedure is complete, the program will start up and you will get to meet its friendly interface. Since it is based on Chromium, Beamrise borrows a lot in terms of look as well and for this reason many users will find it rather familiar.
Besides the top sites that are displayed on startup, the browser features a news sidebar where you can add any RSS feed you are interested in. The bookmarks are also at hand and easily manageable from their dedicated area.
Social service integration and visual bookmarking
One of the most appreciated features of Beamrise is the ability to facilitate exchanging messages with friends from Facebok, Google Chat or Skype via its dedicated sidebar. Note that some issues may appear occasionally, when trying to connect to the supported services, while other functions like the videochat may also be temporarily unavailable.
The way in which users can save their preferred webpages is pretty interesting as it implies not only the personalization of the bookmark title or the creation of several albums where the favorites can be stored, but also a small screenshot of that page. The thumbnail assigned to each bookmark will help set them apart so you can save time when trying to access a specific saved website.
Enticing yet rough-hewn feature set for social browsing
Beamrise promises a lot but it still has a lot to do before meeting the high expectations most users will have after glancing at the advertised features. The navigation is smooth, as one would expect from a sibling of Chrome, but the overall feel is that of a product that still needs some work.


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Do you often find yourself in need of a good web browser? Do you prefer the feel of a traditional web browser? Then you will probably find that Beamrise fits your needs and will solve many of your problems regarding web-browsing.
A new web browser that is modern and lets you browse all of the wonderful online applications out there. This web browser will help you to quickly and easily get the job done, even if it has a certain rough-hewn feel to it. A web browser that is meant for the purpose of getting things done quickly!
Features that you will like:
★★★ Cut-down design with a unique look
★★★ Support for the latest web browsers
★★★ Connect with social services
★★★ Consistent interface
★★★ Bookmarks sync and viewing
★★★ Built in disk image manager
★★★ Tabbed browsing
★★★ Built in web server
★★★ Built in FTP client
★★★ Built in web developer tools
★★★ Built in web proxy
Support for USB storage devices
It has been a long time since the web browser didn’t support USB storage devices. Unfortunately, that’s not something you can say about Beamrise. Since it does not have proper support for USB devices, you will have to use other solutions when saving images or videos or transferring files to and from the hard disk.
Frequent bugs
Every time you open the program it will ask you to put in your full name, email address, and password. Doing so will grant the program access to your email so it can send you important updates and help you get up and running. This is a pretty standard practice as it allows the program to contact you regarding any important information regarding the software.
Unfortunately, this may also come in the way when trying to update the program as it will ask you to enter your Email again. This means that you will need to fix up your preferences manually so it won’t ask you to input it every time you open Beamrise.
This issue is only temporary though and it will work itself out in time.
As mentioned earlier, Beamrise is compatible with a lot of programs and has been customized to fit a lot of your habits. This means that it may not work well for everyone. That being said, it has a lot of promise and users may be able to get used to the interface and the way it does things and come up with a comfortable workaround for the little bugs that pop up here and there.

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Beamrise Crack For Windows is based on Chromium, a free, open source web browser. Besides being fast, flexible and robust, the chrome component also comes with a lot of useful features. For a more interactive browsing experience, the app might have a dark mode. Furthermore, you can sync bookmarks, open tabs and passwords between devices.The “Revolver” is the first in a series of new creations by Japanese illustrator, Yuji Uekawa. The characters seem to have been lifted directly from the cover of Shigeru Mizuki’s “Gururina” character, and I have to admit that, at first glance, I thought they were just that. The eyes look a little too much like they belong to a doll.

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Beamrise is a web browser compatible with Windows XP. Beamrise offers a dedicated news feeds, a visual bookmarking system and all the other web services usually associated to a modern and practical browser. The program does not hide any feature and users who are looking for an all-round web browser will be at hand.
For each page, a nice thumbnail with its URL is displayed and users can right-click on it to take a small screenshot.
The service integration is quite basic and only allows users to log in to their supported social accounts. Unfortunately, the video chat is not working at this moment.
Moreover, the social service integration doesn’t allow the user to send a message to friends who are also using Beamrise.
Basic but powerful search engine
In an effort to keep things simple and don’t overload the interface, Beamrise does not offer any integrated search engine. For this reason, you will be required to use any web search solution you prefer, such as Yahoo or Google. The client can perform search queries directly from its address bar or even from inside the browser itself.
The URL of the current visited page is highlighted when using the search bar.
User-friendly bookmarking system
Whenever you are about to visit a given website, you will be asked if you want to make a bookmark. You will be immediately prompted to create your very first bookmark and will be able to set the title and the full URL of the site.
You will also be able to create subfolders where you can organize and group your favorite web pages. Subfolders can be created inside the bookmarks and they will automatically be included in the browsing history.
Navigation bar
As with most other browsers, the navigation bar of Beamrise is there. However, the main drawback is that it will not automatically scroll when the page is larger than the size of the screen. For this reason, the user will have to scroll through the page and search for the wanted information.
Beamrise Review:
Beamrise offers a lot and if the developers were to continue along the line, they may have a promising application on their hands. However, as it is today, the program is not really a recommended alternative to other browser solutions. As such, it is definitely worth considering it for a test drive and see how it fares for you.

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What’s New In Beamrise?

How much time do you spend each day, obsessively surfing the web? Are you looking for a way to stay on top of your favorite news feeds, blogs, communities, and social networks without getting lost in a sea of text? Then Beamrise is the best choice for you!
Beamrise is a browser designed with web surfing in mind. It loads pages significantly faster than your common browser and also features a unique browsing experience that makes browsing the web easier. It lets you surf the web with ease, making you more productive than ever before.
-Speed: With Beamrise, even your smallest movements on the web mean mre productive time. It loads webpages more than 50% faster than your ordinary browser.
-Saving your time: Save time by managing bookmarks, social media profiles, RSS feeds, and any other site you regularly visit. Since Beamrise is a browser, it loads pages a lot faster, meaning you spend less time waiting and more time using.
-Private browsing: Hiding your activity behind a private profile means you can browse and search just as you like, when you like.
Key Features
-Import existing bookmarks and RSS feeds
-Quick, simple web-searching
-Tabbed interface
-Goto bookmark directly
-Fast browsing without slowing down
-Faster than Chrome
-Built on Chromium
-Youtube videochat
-Facebook, Google +, Gmail, Skype chat
Download Beamrise

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System Requirements:

Depending on the game mode you’re playing, you may need any of the following:
• Windows 10, version 1903
• DirectX 11 graphics card
• 2GB of VRAM (for full performance)
• The latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Windows 10
• 1GB of available RAM (for full performance)
• Intel Core i7-3770 or AMD FX-6300 or better
• 4GB of available RAM (

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