Belgrade Gardens Chicken Paprikash Recipe Martha PATCHED













Belgrade Gardens Chicken Paprikash Recipe Martha


Most fried chicken recipes contain one or two “secrets”, but The Dearborn chef Aaron Cuschieri. says that the secret of his success is this.
“I can’t say exactly why I love this or that dish,” Kusk says, “but I find that one of the secrets of his success is that I, as a chef, can serve it in the form in which I I love”. Cuschiari says that at the beginning of his career as a chef, he prepared food, usually in a first-class street cafe, but he prepared the food itself exquisitely. “All you had to do was serve the dish beautifully,” Kusk explains. “People won’t even eat to the end. They will only eat what they feel satisfied with.”
Something similar happens with fried chicken. Kusk says sometimes you don’t have to do anything. This is very easy to do. The hardest part is getting the proportions right. Such a dish requires a certain composition of products, mainly oil. It doesn’t always have to be as heavy and oily as a chicken fillet. From time to time it is worth adding other products, especially vegetables or crackers, to make the dish more savory and less heavy.

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Cuschiere adds: “No matter how you cook chicken, it never ceases to be delicious, but a completely different approach allows you to make this dish gourmet. We usually cook in large chunks and then fry them. Everything that happens after that takes a few minutes.”

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