Bitdefender Decryption Utility For MaMoCrypt Ransomware (April-2022)

The MaMoCrypt ransomware first made its way to a victim’s computer at the end of 2019. Like any other ransomware, it encrypts diverse types of files and requests for a ransom in exchange for the decryption key.
The symptoms of a MaMoCrypt infection 
Once it reaches a computer, the first thing MaMoCrypt does is delete the shadow volumes for all partitions and disable both the firewall and the UAC. This is regular behavior of ransomware, as it makes it difficult for you to recover the files and makes way for the malware to encrypt files.
Next, MaMoCrypt generates two encryption keys per file. In other words, an affected file is first encrypted using AES 128 CBC, and then once again using the Twofish 128 NOFB algorithm. You should be able to easily find infected files, as they have the “MZ173801” extension appended. The ransom note is placed in each of the locations of encrypted files.
Due to the way the mask and the encryption keys are generated by the ransomware, files larger than 4GB are permanently damaged and cannot be recovered.
A simple decryption tool for MaMoCrypt 
The Bitdefender Decryption Utility for MaMoCrypt ransomware is a tool created specifically to help victims recover their files without having to pay the requested ransom.
The MaMoCrypt ransomware family has its particularities, which makes the decryption tool act accordingly. This is the reason the entire system needs to be scanned by the Bitdefender Decryption Utility, rather than prompting you to select a folder with encrypted files.
There are two options you can choose from before running the analysis. The application can either backup all the files, meaning it will keep both the encrypted and the decrypted files, or overwrite the clean files with the decrypted ones.
The application starts searching for the ransom note and extracts the MZR keys, then runs the decryption process, displaying all its actions in the log file. Once it completes the analysis, your files should be decrypted.
Recover files affected by MaMoCrypt 
Big players in the cyber security market are constantly on a fight against ransomware and Bitdefender makes no difference. The Bitdefender Decryption Utility for MaMoCrypt ransomware promises to recover the encrypted files successfully without you having to do much. However, you should take into consideration installing a reliable antivirus solution that can block MaMoCrypt and other similar malware from reaching your computer in the first place.


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If you are being asked to decrypt your files you don’t need a decryption tool it’s a scam and will set off alarms on your firewall, Anti-virus and Anti-malware software. I mean if there is anything you can do with the files you should have a backup plan and a recovery team! I hope this short and useful tutorial helped you understand the basics of Ransomware and how to deal with it quickly and effectively!
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The Bitdefender Decryption Utility is the Bitdefender antivirus solution’s decryption tool, which has been designed to help those affected by MaMoCrypt ransomware in recovery their files. The utility can be found in the Bitdefender Antivirus solution.

The Bitdefender Decryption Utility is the Bitdefender antivirus solution’s decryption tool, which has been designed to help those affected by MaMoCrypt ransomware in recovery their files. The utility can be found in the Bitdefender Antivirus solution.

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Bitdefender Decryption Utility For MaMoCrypt Ransomware

Quickly and effectively decrypt files infected with MaMoCrypt ransomware

Scan files without asking you for a confirmation

Find encrypted files in seconds

The entire system is scanned by the Bitdefender Decryption Utility to find files with the “MZ173801” extension

The program uses the Bitdefender Antivirus engine to locate files encrypted with the MaMoCrypt ransomware

Cannot be used on cloud-based or network drives


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MaMoCrypt Ransomware, which is based on the AES, Twofish and Padlock algorithms, captures your data files, and makes them inaccessible. At the end of the process, the ransomware generates different ransom notes; also specifies the ransom payment method in the form of bitcoins. When you get affected by MaMoCrypt, you must hurry up to pay the ransom.
MaMoCrypt Free Download

The ransomware uses very strong encryption and the name that is used in the ransom note suggest that it might be tied to the Mafia, i.e. involved in illegal activities, in most cases it probably won’t be. A name like MafiaCrypt is very unlikely as ransomware tends to focus on very specific industry sectors, instead a name like ‘Mafia-Ransomware’ would be more fitting.
Ransomware can appear as a single piece of malware on a single computer or even as a family of malware that infects several computers at the same time, creating more victims for each family. The key to understanding the differences between the types of ransomware is to consider that each is designed to target specific user groups with a particular degree of sophistication based on their threat and their targets.
The article below will help you understand what each type of ransomware consists of, how it’s distributed, how it infects computers and what techniques and type of files can be targeted.

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