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Text Sender – send text or image
Text Template – extract from file, Excel spreadsheet, or manually type in
Auto SMS – Automatic SMS service
Cloud SMS – cloud SMS service for automatic SMS from SQL
Template SMS – template SMS service for web site SMS or synchronization with Excel file
WebSite SMS – web site SMS service to be integrated with website
WebSite SMS Synchronization – web site SMS with synchronization with Excel file.
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CYBERCOM SMS is a powerful tool that can boost your marketing campaigns by helping you easily send messages from you computer to mobile phones. The application facilitates sending batches of messages using templates from files or from Excel spreadsheets. Moreover, you can even configure a website SMS service.
CYBERCOM SMS allows you to easily broadcast messages from your computer or from a selected website, in real time. The application caters to a multitude of businesses, including marketing, travel agencies, financial, education, trading, logistics or even e-commerce.
You can easily send bulk messages or personalized reminders on the customers’ telephones for promotions, confirmations, as well as notifications.
CYBERCOM SMS requires that you set a suitable device for sending SMS from your computer, such as a 3G modem, a mobile phone or a GSM modem. Install the drives or additional software required for each device, then configure its parameters from CYBERCOM SMS’s interface.
The configuration center allows you to select the device you wish to use, from the list of detected ports. The device must be configured in advance, so that you can send SMS unhindered. Optionally, you can configure the Web server for providing SMS, by mentioning the FTP address, username/password, if required, as well as browsing interval and spam protection.
Once the device is configured and the connection is established, you can return to the main window, in order to start sending messages.
Bulk SMS or Automatic SMS can also be enabled, in order to send messages from your SQL database. The automatic SMS tab can save the SQL statement, for continuous execution, at specified intervals.
You can start the desktop SMS or WebSite SMS services, as well as send messages using templates. The message template can be extracted from a file, from an Excel spreadsheet or manually type it in. The notification area indicates the current status of the program.

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This is a free app for SMS, it should be available in 99 countries. SMS is very important for business and this software is very easy to use. If you are looking for an app like this, this will be the one to have.


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CYBERCOM SMS Crack + (Latest)

CYBERCOM SMS introduces a new generation of SMS. An application able to send personalized e-mails to a range of mobile phones.

CYBERCOM SMS offers these benefits:

Send messages to mobile phones even if they do not have a SIM card. No need to add/phone number to send SMS, just install the application.

Send a reminder to the selected mobile phone on the specified date and time.

Send a personalized message to a selected group of mobile phones.

Send a single message to a hundred of selected mobile phones.

Send a message to a selected group of mobile phones, anonymously.

Send a notification in the selected group of mobile phones, even if the mobile phone is turned off.

CYBERCOM SMS was tested on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

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The CYBERCOM SMS program is an incredible application that allows you to send SMS messages, in real time. The software features a bunch of useful options, including:
• Configuring a GSM, UMTS, 3G or WiFi modem for SMS transmission.
• Notifying the user when a message is sent or read on the device.
• Configuring a 3G or WiFi modem.
• Sending automatic messages, as well as manual SMS from a SQL database, using saved templates.
• Configuring the interface and parameters of the data connection.
CYBERCOM SMS is a cost-effective software with a lot of useful features that help you send SMS in real time, from a computer or a mobile device. The software is suitable for businesses or marketers, because it can easily broadcast SMS messages through the Internet or from a Web site, to a mobile phone or a customer’s mobile device.


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