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harry potter si piatra filozofala film torentkgolkestemen – IUCN | IUDN | Agence d’information | Reuters | Atlas Obscura | mailonline | Diario editoriales | Reuters | Gund by Megan Nickerson September 22, 2013 at 12:43 am ET – What began in August as a short-lived petition gained traction within the Chinese education sector as part of a national pressure campaign to improve the educational quality of university pupils . Most high school seniors are not interested in learning the country’s history, and to be able to continue their education, they have to learn Chinese. Earlier this year, the Chinese government announced a new initiative to promote Chinese-language education for all citizens, and as a result, thousands of Chinese school senecas vowed to “constantly be learning the language”, causing a very public backlash in the Chinese media. The new campaign has yet to show any signs of making the country progress on its education promises. According to the Chinese Ministry of Education, the new campaign will help “increase the number of Chinese-listing companies in the country by maintaining their capital, increasing their labor force, and overall shrinking the number who are non-Chinese.” The Chinese Anti-corruption Movement, however, makes clear that the Chinese students who decided to take this course, and others who drafted the petition, did not “take initiatives to promptly and repeatedly study the language”. Around 400,000 people signed a petition asking for a crackdown on online teaching pubs. Attendees at the “Chinese Change” event held in Beijing said they had made their petition “very clear,” and they intend to continue the fight. “I know there are other ways to study the Chinese language, that may be different than ours. But what we’re doing is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Marty Shelby, a 17-year-old maths student from Berlin. An international study of Chinese education demonstrated that the majority of Chinese speakers in U.S. schools and universities have passed the test, but only a small number of students can engage in active communicative activities i



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