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Fluent Oscillator is a simple-to-use Java-based application designed as a straightforward signal generator for audio. It offers support for mono and stereo channels as well as 8-bit and 16-bit PCM input.
No installation necessary besides Java
There is no setup pack involved, so all you have to do is extract the program files to a desired location on the disk and directly launch the app. Just remember that you need to have Java installed on the computer in order for Fluent Oscillator to work.
In addition, you can save it to a pen drive for immediate access on any PC. Unlike most installers, this utility does not add new entries to the Windows registry or Start menu, thus leaving no traces behind after its removal.
Graphical and command-line interface
Once launched, it brings up a console window and informs you that Fluent Oscillator uses the default sample rate and buffer size, after which it immediately pops up a graphical frame and automatically starts generating audio in sine with the default amplitude, duty cycle and frequency.
Seamlessly tweak audio signal settings
This frame is small and shows a waveform of the audio signal generated, allowing you to switch from sine to circle, mixer, square or triangle mode, as well as to adjust the amplitude, duty cycle and frequency by simply moving their corresponding sliders. It is not necessary to commit the new changes by clicking a button, since Fluent Oscillator generates audio in real time based on the tweaked settings.
Evaluation and conclusion
As expected, the tool has minimal impact on computer performance, running on low CPU and RAM. It has a good response time to commands and works well, without triggering Windows to hang, crash or pop up error messages. Although it is quite limited in its feature set, Fluent Oscillator provides users with a simple of generating audio signal.

14 Opinion

If you’re a fan of sound and want to maximize and control your creation, this application is for you.
If you know anything about sound design, you should already know how useful this application is. It’s simple yet very powerful. You can have tons of fun with it.
What can you do with Fluent Oscillator?
You can have a full-fledged one-man studio, a group of up to eight people working on the same track with only one dedicated mixer and one dedicated mixer user, or an orchestra of up to six people at once.

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The Fluent Oscillator (officially known as PCM-Oscillator) is a simple-to-use Java-based application designed as a straightforward signal generator for audio. It offers support for mono and stereo channels as well as 8-bit and 16-bit PCM input. No installation necessary besides Java.

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For your Greeting Card or Birthday Invitation, just like the clock? Please don’t worry; there is no need for a clock because Fluent Oscillator can be used to make one!

If you’ve ever wondered how sine waves work, how to draw a sine wave in your basic graphics tool, or how to build a simple, yet realistic sine wave generator, now you’re in the right place.

This program was developed for people who just like the clock. There’s no need for one, since we have Fluent Oscillator that can be used to make one!

The demo contains two sounds: straight and sine. This program was made for people who like to tweak and manipulate sounds. It only runs in the console mode. It doesn’t require any installation and is able to save each of its settings so that you can use them when you want.

To start the demo simply launch it and the program will immediately pop up a graphical frame with a sine wave and a control panel. From there you can easily manipulate sound settings by using the sliders on the right side of the frame. You will be able to easily draw the lines that will be part of the wave.

The program requires Java 1.5 or higher and a PC with a sufficiently advanced graphics card, as it uses pixel shaders to color areas of the screen, which won’t work on old graphics cards or on a PC with a graphics card that is significantly less advanced than it.

In addition, if your sound card doesn’t support more than one channel, you have to select the type of sound you want in the settings. On the other hand, if your sound card supports more than one channel, you have to choose the corresponding channel.

The program also includes a graphical editor that lets you create your own sounds and save them to the computer. You can use the guitar pedal editor to change pitch, blend, fade in and fade out and change the duration of the sound or you can use the voice editor to change the tone, speed, pitch or volume of the sound.


Save your sounds

Create your own sounds by using the graphical editor

Edit sounds directly on screen

Draw the wave of sound using a pencil and slide the coordinates of your touch on the screen

Evaluation and conclusion

What’s New in the?

Best Audio Generator software for Windows.
Fluent Oscillator (FO) is a powerful and easy to use audio signal generator software that provides an easy to use graphical interface to quickly produce sound waves and tones by adjusting amplitude, duty cycle and frequency of the audio waveform.
Using the different audio waveforms, this software offers a wide variety of sounds: sine, square, triangle, and sine with steps and sawtooth waves.
You can quickly change the waveform on-screen, instantly hear and see the changes in audio waveforms.
It is designed to be a simple to use and customizable GUI.
It has a built in web server that hosts automatically generated audio files so you can listen or download them.
It has an unusual and smart animation mode that shows the samples while playing.
It has a separate audio generator that runs in the background when the main application is running.
Easy to set parameters (amplitude, duty cycle and frequency) to generate different waveforms.
It has a self-test function that shows the state of the computer (the state of the audio waveforms is ignored.)
Finally, it is a standalone app and can be used to generate audio from PC without any additional software.
What’s New in Version 7.0
New in version 7.0 is a web server and FTP server.
Users can use FTP to download online audio files directly from the program directly to their computer. Users can also use the web server to directly play online audio files.
New features in version 7.0 include:
1. New button layout
2. Web server and FTP server
3. Configurable audio tones generator
4. Add support for USB audio card
5. Add a GUI
6. Change error messages
Fluent Oscillator Screenshots:
Fluent Oscillator

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System Requirements:

Can be played in all (new) computer game consoles as well as current generation consoles and SteamOS!
Mac and Linux version available.
The following are some of the most important required settings:
x is the resolution of the game.
is the resolution of the game. 16 is your monitor’s horizontal resolution.
is your monitor’s horizontal resolution. 24 is your monitor’s vertical resolution.
is your monitor’s vertical resolution. 2 is the anisotropic filtering.
is the anisotropic filtering. 0 is the


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