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cast and crew including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The focus is on a family of three, as the main storyline is about the interaction of two sisters for more than twenty years. Each of the main characters has their own story and different characters. Both have a little daughter in their arms, who has just gone through a difficult operation. The sisters fell in love with each other very much and life without each other seems simply unbearable to them. All sisters have to go through a series of trials in order to build relationships and find a common language and understanding.
(c) Movie 2019

Why did they choose me? My life. Part 1
My Life is a thriller that won the Best Horror Film Oscar in 2019.
The focus is on the story of a girl with cancer who suffers from unbearable pain. But she also has a partner who cannot leave her alone for a minute.
To support his beloved, he fakes a heart attack. But one morning, faced with reality, the poor guy realizes that the cancer-stricken girl has been by his side for many years.
He constantly follows her because she is the only one who loves him. But he does not realize that his life has been under the control of a terrorist all these years. For the sake of love, he does not spare himself and fights for the life of his beloved.
“My Life” is a love story!
the whole world
For a long time many held on to myths
Until recently, the so-called “conspiracy theory” or “pseudo-science” dominated film journalists. The worldview of this science was determined by the fact that there is a lot of game in it, but at the same time not a single real example was presented. This formed a certain pattern of thinking: everything is bad in movies, the film is nothing more than a set of special effects, but in reality this simply cannot be.
However, it seemed time to revisit some of the myths told by filmmakers. About the new, completely unexpected and dramatic version of the painting “Black Hole” tells Esquire magazine.
Outstanding director Ridley Scott, who just won



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