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Googol+ is a simple to use, yet powerful calculator that can perform a vast series of algorithms, from sums, to advanced factoring and continuous fractions. The application is lightweight but powerful, since it can instantly return the results of complicated calculi with high numbers.
Advanced mathematics calculator
Googol+ can easily handle basic calculi, such as sums, extractions, multiplications, square roots or divisions. Unlike most calculators, you can choose whether you wish to obtain the division result in decimal format or in integer numbers and rest. The software can easily calculate any algorithms with long numbers, even those with tens of digits.
The software requires that you enter the necessary values for each type of calculus, in the specified field. Each field is named and colored in a different nuance, so you cannot mistake the values and obtain the incorrect result. Moreover, it does not feature the 0-9 digits to click on, in order to type the number, since with large numbers errors can occur. Instead pasting the number from clipboard is encouraged.
Multiple calculating algorithms
The software features multiple calculation algorithms, organized by their difficulty, in three tabs. Thus, sums, extractions, multiplications, divisions, square roots and powers can be found in the Basic Operations. The Miscellaneous tab contains functions such as calculate the greatest common divisor or the lowest common multiplier, base conversion and combinations.
In the Advanced tab, you can find algorithms such as factoring, testing a number to see if it is prime, identifying the next prime number and continued fractions. The test for prime numbers can be done according to the Baillie-PSW Method, which is recognized as highly reliable, or according to the Miller-Robin mode. Each function is autonomous, which means that whenever you wish to perform a new calculus, you need to enter the values again.
Reliable and accurate calculator
Googol+ enables you to perform multiple types of calculi, from basic to advanced and can easily handle high numbers, with several digits, such as billions. The software also enables you to copy results to the clipboard and use them in further algorithms, by choosing the suitable memory option. The software can return results with high precision, especially when it comes to complicated calculi, in an instant.

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Google Plus is a social networking site that allows you to connect with others across the world. The developers of this software have created an application that enables you to calculate various functions related to Googol using Google Plus. The Googol is a term that indicates that a number is extremely large.
This application enables you to perform basic operations on Googol, such as addition, subtraction and multiplication. However, this is not an easy task. Even so, you can easily perform basic functions with Googol, such as to calculate the number of threads in a web page, or count the distance between the Earth and Jupiter.
Googol+ Crack Free Download features
• Various functions related to Googol (addition, subtraction, multiplication, dividing, multiplying, extracting square roots and extracting cubes)
• Collecting data from Google Plus
• Multipliers and dividers, fractions, square roots
• Direct access to the greatest common divisor function
• Conversion of quantities
• Representation of numbers according to their base (2-36)
• Counting the number of bases in a number
• Calculating and converting powers
• Identification of the first prime number after a given number
• Test for prime numbers
• Identifying the next prime number
• Calculating continuous fraction
• Calculating and storing the next fraction
• Calculating the values of a continued fraction
• Binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, negative numbers
• Take the sum, difference, and product of two numbers
• Convert numbers from one base to another
• Find the least common multiplier and least common multiple
• Complete the formulas for all fields: base, sides, numerator, denomenator
• Base conversion
• Computation of the greatest common divisor (GCD)
• Computation of the lowest common multiplier (LCM)
• Computation of the lowest common denominator (LCD)
• Extract the cube root of the value
• Functions to validate the user input (resizing the input field, comparing the string to a given pattern, identifying the decimal part, etc)
• Memory of results in different formats
• Direct access to the prime field function
• Alternating sum, and summation
• Finding the distances between planets
• Counting the number of words and characters in a sentence
• Calculating the values of a perfect power
• Calculating and storing the next fraction
• Calculating the values of a continued

Googol+ Crack

If you never had the opportunity to calculate with any complex algorithm, Googol+ is here to help you. The software is a complex calculator capable of performing various types of algorithms. It can compute every type of equation, from basic to advanced and can handle large numbers, with several digits, especially if it has to calculate many fractional part.
The application calculates the results in real time, giving you the correct answer, as if you were entering the numbers by hand. Thus, the software will not waste any time and the user will always obtain results instantaneously. Googol+ is compatible with all web browsers and thus works on any platform and OS, in addition to many other features, such as copying the result to the clipboard, from which it can be used anywhere and any time.
Quick, basic and effective calculator
Googol+ is one of the most effective, basic and lightweight calculators there is. The software is free for personal and non-commercial use and does not require registration or complicated functions. The application is robust and does not require any further software, except Internet connection and the browser that is used to access the website.
The calculator is simple and easy to use, making you able to quickly calculate the most common calculi, that are normally found in daily life, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, multiplication, square roots and other operations, with rest. Moreover, Googol+ allows you to calculate the results of complicated calculi, such as factoring, testing a number to see if it is prime, identifying the next prime number, calculating the highest common factor, determining the smallest common multiple, calculating the greatest common divisor or identifying the least common multiple.
The application is customizable, which enables you to easily create your own formulas, or edit existing ones. The calculator is also easily accessible and can be accessed from any browser, without the need to register or download any software.
Advanced Mathematic Calculator
Googol+ can easily handle large numbers, with several digits, such as billions. The application is very powerful, as it can calculate with any sum, extraction, multiplication, division, square root or power, giving accurate and precise results. The calculator allows you to perform numerical and symbolic calculations and it is very easy to learn and use, as it is based on simple and intuitive modes.
Googol+ main features:
– Can perform multiple types of calculation, from basic to advanced and can handle high numbers,

What’s New in the Googol ?

Googol+ Features:

Multiple algorithms in one program
Choose the algorithm you wish to use.
No need to copy/paste values
Will return the result in decimal format and integers
Full of customizable options
Calculate algorithm without typing the numbers
Select the tab you need
Press Enter to calculate the algo
Choose the memory option
Save your algorithms
Choose the memory option and load it any time
The software can work with high numbers
When the results are specified, press Enter and press Enter again
No need to enter the value again after that.
Googol+ is compact and offers a simple interface, in order to facilitate user input
Speed and accuracy:

Fast calculator
Easy to use
Large memory

Basic versions:

Sum / Extract / Multiplication / Division / Square Root / Powers

Advanced versions:

Factors / Test if a number is a prime / Next prime number / Continued fraction


Guarantees high accuracy when it comes to calculating algorithms in general

Problems with calculating algorithms
No problems with calculating algorithms
Wrong results

More about Googol+

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