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MP4 to MP3 Converter is a straightforward utility that can batch convert MP4 files too, of course, MP3. Since getting access to a music source requires just a smartphone connected to the internet, this application won't become your daily workhorse. Still, you might one day find a dusty box packed with CDs, and their MP4 contents would serve you better in the MP3 format.
Main features
If you are looking to directly convert MP4 to MP3, without delving into the file structure too much, this application is perfect for you. It supports drag and drop, and doesn't rewrite the metadata of processed items. Users with multi-core CPUs will definitely benefit from a speed boost when it comes to converting in bulk.
MP4 to MP3 Converter takes care of your storage space as well. The program converts files on-the-fly, dumping no temporary files into your drive. If you are wondering about what makes the wheels turn, that would be the latest MP4 codec paired with the Lame Mp3 encoder.
Clean-cut UI
The interface has the simplest structure among converters. Loading files in another format than MP4 will highlight them in red. Sadly, there is no way to remove faulty items from the list. This aspect does not hinder your overall conversion operation, as such entries are automatically skipped, but it's visually annoying.
If you are interested in settings and tweakable options, there are some, but don't get your hopes up. Besides changing the output location, you can play around with encoder settings like sampling frequency, channel mode, and bit rate.
All in all, MP4 to MP3 Converter is a decade-old converter that goes one way only, from MP4 to MP3. The interface is simple, the conversion speed is quick, and the results are clean. It could do better in the quality of life departments, but overall it is a working tool.







History Cleaner 1.3.0 Crack+ For Windows

Easy, fast, and dependable!
The History Cleaner software creates a snapshot of any website you visit, removes the information you do not want to store, and makes it safe to be accessed.
The program analyzes and tracks your web and mail activity by logging the date and time of your access as well as the URL of the websites and files you have visited. It also automatically obtains information about your online interests and the location of any shared computers you use.
There are many options within the utility. Once you create a preset scope, then you can delete automatically uploaded files, limit information about visited websites, as well as assign FTP accounts.
The program is designed to be a simple, efficient and lightweight tool that will make your work online much easier.
Website snapshotter that tracks your browsing history
It is worth noting that the application is able to analyze more than one website, meaning that it automatically creates a separate snapshot for every site you visit.
You do not have to edit anything either, as the program is a one-time installation that does everything from itself.
One nifty feature that really stands out from the competition is that the History Cleaner software can track files and uploads you have already accessed, thus letting you recover them from the temporary internet history folder.
With its many advanced features, this program can be utilized without any restrictions and easily be downloaded or shared with others.
Removes all the unnecessary information you may not want on your computer
The History Cleaner software is particularly useful for those that visit a lot of websites because it is able to analyze, create and store a snapshot of every single website you visit, while also making it possible to examine every file and folder and even remove the information you do not want to save.
The results of the performed tasks can be viewed from the main interface, which displays a lot of tabs and icons related to the previous activity of the program.
A versatile utility for tracking down the unnecessary information you want to get rid of
This software was developed with the intention to be an efficient tool that will make the job of an online expert a lot easier.
Whether you are trying to keep a high level of security, or if you just want to restrict the amount of data you are storing on your computer, then the History Cleaner software can be successfully used to do this.
The program can analyze any website you visit and process all the files you download for backup purposes, while also showing you all the content you have already seen and the saved

History Cleaner 1.3.0 Crack + Activation Free

Watermarking is a useful feature in order to label image files with text or graphics.
History Cleaner allows you to easily and quickly remove all the traces that might have been left by previous versions of your software. This tool focuses on the directory’s own history and also takes into consideration its sub-directories. You can choose the files you want to remove and the file types to exclude from the selection.
How to use History Cleaner:
Run History Cleaner from the Start menu or the window’s shortcut to select a directory to be cleaned. If you wish, you can also target a specific sub-folder by using the /foldername option at the beginning of the file path. The program will display the selected folder and its sub-folders.
Let History Cleaner remove all files and folders that are set to be ignored by the program. Click on the Clear button to remove the selected files.
All the files and directories will be removed and the result will be made available through the Clear button. You can select the desired file or folder to be restored from the “Chose a file to restore” window.
You can also use History Cleaner to remove the files that are already opened with other programs, which is possible by highlighting the items you want to remove and clicking the Remove button.
History Cleaner is a small tool that aims to easily and quickly erase the list of files that have been used by the previous versions of your program, which makes it a popular alternative for home users who want to secure their system. The software removes any trace of previous versions of your application, along with the files you select when they were deleted or renamed.
To sum it up
You can use History Cleaner as a lightweight tool for avoiding having previous versions of your software left on your hard disk drive, which can cause some serious security issues. In the end, if you’re not too lazy, you can just grab the folder history the program generates, and toss it with the trash.
A portable software for encoding audio is an essential tool to have at hand. Whether you play CDs or MP3s, you might want to create your very own sound files. In this regard, the author has created a simple software solution to help you out.
If you want to use the program, just take care of its output format, which is represented by the WAV format.
The program’s interface is simple, with two main tabs, one for the encoder and one for the interface.

History Cleaner 1.3.0 Torrent [Updated] 2022

Not your old way of operating history files.
Free to use
Freely available for personal and commercial use
Permanently cleans the history of the Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari browsers.
A simple, yet efficient tool
Easy to use. However, you can choose to enable or disable the autoclean function and make the most out of the available options
It will clean your browsing data and keep the history automatically.
Whether you are looking for an app that will help you clean your browser history, or you just need a few more tools to help you manage and keep your files, CleanMyMac should come in handy.
The software will do its job quite efficiently in no time, so you can remove the load of a bulky history folder on your hard drive. On the other hand, it offers a more comprehensive solution, as it can clean the Safari and Chrome browsers as well.
It is a free, award-winning program with a straightforward UI that lets you protect your privacy without requiring any prior knowledge of advanced settings.
Your online activity can become a real headache when it comes to cleaning your browsing data, especially if you are using the same browser for work, on-the-go and personal use, so do not miss the chance to download this neat app.
FinderSync is an application that can help you keep all your Mac data in sync, using files that are already part of the OS.
Growl for Mac is one of those apps that just work; you install it, launch it, and that’s it. There are no complications in getting it running, so you can get right to work and make your Mac to send notifications, without your computer complaining about the process.
Since it is not an integral part of the OS, it does not hamper the general functioning of Mac or require you to make changes to the settings. In fact, you can completely disable the notifications of Growl, making the program pretty silent.
You can also work on a particular app at a time, allowing you to follow all your notifications and not miss any update from the concerned application.
An intuitive tool to help you manage your Mac
The application works in a straightforward manner, letting you choose from a dedicated list of notification classes to set, to save your preferences, as well as switch between the alert and growl icons.
In addition to that, Growl for Mac integrates with the Notification Center and it lets you customize all its functions. For example,

What’s New In History Cleaner?

History Cleaner is a tool that helps you get rid of all your history files, allowing you to start with a clean machine.
Name imexes:
SuperCleaner, Firstcleaner,…
Invisibles, CleanErase, CleanErase24,…
More than that, it’s very easy to use.
History Cleaner Interface :
The interface is easy to use and it’s clean and simple.
History Cleaner Features :
You can do all your options from one screen.
You can also delete all history files from your computer in no time, so you can start with a clean machine. You can also clean history files from removable devices (flash disk, portable hard disk,…) that you can plug at any time.
History Cleaner Pros :
– Easy to use
– Clean interface
– Optimize your computer
– Remove unneeded files
So, in a nutshell, if you want to make your computer faster and more stable, install this tool.
History Cleaner Cons :
– You need to provide history files
– May be a bit slow on some systems
– Remove history may have some side effects, like slow connection or unstable connection
– You need to provide a uninstaller file
– Remove history for flash disk, portable hard disk, etc.
This is a software utility for Mac that checks to see if your Internet connection is up to speed.
WU DNS / BIND Status checkser Description:
WU DNS / BIND Status checkser is a free tool that allows you to check and monitor your connections and DNS server(s) reliability.
The application is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, Win 2000, Win 98, 2000, ME, NT 4.0, 2003 Server, 2003 Server.
You can use the program to check your current DNS settings, try to resolve DNS query to a local proxy or to the WU DNS / BIND, track the requests and responses, record the results, block connections or monitor the name servers status, and monitor DNS queries in real-time.
WU DNS / BIND Status checkser Features:
..: Features:
…..:…………. :
…..: Server switch to a proxy server to test connection:
…. : Displays DNS requests in a log, with the name of the host and the time of

System Requirements:

You will need to download Unity 5.4.2f3+ and the Unity Package Manager ( UPM ) editor.
( and the Unity Package Manager ( ) editor. The 64-bit version of the editor can be downloaded from here:
The Unity 5.4.2f3+ release can be downloaded from the Unity release page here:
You will need a copy of the standard free license key here:
The SDK can be downloaded here:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10


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