Huge Fake File Creator With License Key Free Download [Mac/Win] [Updated]

Huge Fake File Creator addresses a small group of users as its purposes may only regard two types of users: the ones that take things seriously and the ones that do not. This means that Huge Fake File Creator can prove to be a great tool in a bigger, more complex software arsenal as well as an utility designed to help you fake your share ratio within Direct Connect hubs.
The main objective of such programs is undisclosed most of the times just because its main, and sometimes only, aspiration. This time, though, the developer is as sincere as they come, stating that the “created files are pretty unusable, maybe just for fake sharing”. For starters, fake sharing is a method that, although illegal in some circles (not properly illegal), can get you up and running in no time.
It was and it is still utilized by users connecting to DC hubs that do not present anti-fake share technologies in order to help them get access to the resources shared by other users. Direct Connect refers to a protocol for P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing. As a client, you connect to a hub and perform searches and perform file exchange freely, as long as you have something to share.
Leaving the less legal aspects of DC hubs and the content shared by users, they tend to ask for at least a couple of gigabytes to share alongside some other rules that forbid you from sharing Windows specific directories just to get in. This calls for a fake share and the Huge Fake File Creator application can be exactly what you need in this specific case.
The bottom line with Huge Fake File Creator is that it can quickly and easily generate a file as big as ten gigabytes in the least possible time. While it can be used within various test setups, such a file can really help new Direct Connect users that currently do not posses any data to share and even reach certain quotas.


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Huge Fake File Creator is a program designed specifically for Direct Connect hubs. The purpose of the application is to help you create and fake a file as big as a whole gigabyte and that is so simple that even novice users of Direct Connect can easily understand. The developer of the program is a Windows user that is also a Direct Connect user and therefore knows the pain the application can ease for such a task.
Huge Fake File Creator is available for free. Go ahead and grab it right away and work with it right now.

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Huge Fake File Creator: Review, Pros, Cons & Latest Version

Huge Fake File Creator has different purposes in mind: it’s just one of them. The fake file creator is a nifty program that is designed to help you create fake files of any size that can actually help you share files and/or folders without any problems. This is something that was made possible by the application.

When you are done with Massive Fake File Creator, you can copy the created file back into your computer. Now, this application does it trick in a way that the created file can even look as if it is a real file that you have actually created with a certain program.

As a fake, the file can be almost any size and can actually help you steal some data from unwanted parties just by contacting them with a fake file of this kind. As mentioned earlier, it is created using a software and the fake shared file can be copied in a way that can make the recipient believe that he/she is dealing with the real deal of what is inside the fake file. The fake file creator comes with different features that make it work in various ways.

What is the application about?

The application allows the user to save the data that is attached to the file as well as the name of the file itself. This means that the recipient will have every bit of information attached to the fake shared file in order for him to understand the true identity of the file in his/her computer. However, the receiver may then request that the file be deleted after a certain time has passed and the creator may or may not comply with his request.

The fake file creator comes as a free software; the basic version of the program with the basic features is available for free. By downloading the application, you will get a file of 10GB. The file size can be increased or decreased to enable you to meet your needs.

Pros and Cons of the application:


No need to produce a huge file

The creation of a fake file is a very quick process that does not take a very long time to create

It is completely safe to use and reliable. You can bet that the file will appear as a real one.


It is not possible to determine how big the generated file will be

The created file can appear as if it was stolen from someone else

Huge Fake File Creator Specifications:

File Size: The file size

Huge Fake File Creator With Keygen

Huge Fake File Creator is a simple and easy-to-use software for creating huge files by using the included software on your computer. Huge files can be created easily with this program and you don’t need any special skill or technology in order to succeed.
Give this program a try and you will learn more about the software on your own without spending hours of trying to figure it out yourself.


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What’s New in the Huge Fake File Creator?

The intention of this program is to allow the generation of very large files at all times, without compromising on the usual parameters that a fake share application must include. The program also doubles as an educational tool to demonstrate how the sharing process within Direct Connect works.
Running on Windows XP, the program can create files as large as 500 gigabytes. Most of the time, this size will suffice. However, you might be able to increase its boundaries to see how it actually works.
How does Huge Fake File Creator Work?
The tool really acts as a generator that, in no time, can process nearly any requests a user might make, depending on the operations’ way. It can generate any type of data, from pictures to multimedia files.
This makes it a professional tool that, besides being an all-in-one DC applications suite, can help users share data in an efficient manner.
As it is often the case, a single file can contain several files. It can also include folders, which can end up including files as well.
This software addresses the concept of “libraries”, a structure that, when seen from a user’s standpoint, is the equivalent to a folder. Your PC could have libraries, a music folder, a video folder and a movie folder. The Huge Fake File Creator will keep everything together as if it were just one folder that in fact is as large as you want it to be.
All you have to do is create an empty folder and then just drag-n-drop any of the created files you like. They will be replicated in the new folder, based on the rules the program has set out.
The latter is one of the most interesting features of the Huge Fake File Creator. You will have to pick any folder you wish, allowing you to make your fake share as effective as you want. The program helps you organize your content and stop wasting your bandwidth by allowing you to generate a fake sharing folder based on those rules.
So, in case you wanted to create some kind of fake sharing directory, you will have to go for it.
There are no video tutorials for this application, but the developers’ website does state you will be able to create a database to see what is going on on your computer. Still, I can’t help but thinking that, as a DC applications suite, it should just include files to share within it.
Huge Fake File Creator Main Features
The intentions of Huge Fake File Creator are

System Requirements:

XBOX360 or XBOX360 Slim can be played on PC!
Play it on 2X20″ LCD or 4X20″ HDTVs in 720p for great viewing
Minimum Windows 7 compatible operating system
i.e. Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
2GB of RAM and 1 GB of VRAM
Windows compatible NVIDIA or AMD graphics card
i.e. Nvidia GeForce GTX 400 Series or ATI Radeon HD 3000 Series graphics card
DirectX 9.0c
Dual Core CPU

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