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If you own a computer that runs the Windows operating system, it's highly probable that you wished to tweak some of the visual components more than once but didn't have a clue how to do so or where should you look for a fix.
Fortunately, as time passed, the variety of tweaking applications increased so that nowadays we have various programs that were specially designed to solve some our wildest requests. One of these applications is IconTweak.
Removes shortcut arrow
There's no way that you didn't see the rather annoying shortcut arrow that's proudly showcased on top of every icon of the shortcuts you create. This application has a specific purpose: getting rid of that pestering arrow once and for all.
However, if you're not really comfortable with removing the arrow permanently, this app's still got you covered; you can bring it back as easily as you removed it in the first place, by pressing a couple of buttons in the main window.
Simplistic interface
It is worth mentioning that the application doesn't need to be installed on the target computer since simply launching its executable should grant you full access over its whole "array" of features.
The interface it provides you with is simple enough that it can be used by virtually any user who knows how to drag a mouse and click its buttons. It only has 4 buttons that can be used to hide the arrow, show it, apply the current settings profile and exit the app.
Simplistic app to remove shortcut arrows
All in all, if you're sick of seeing that annoying little arrow every time you create a shortcut, you can safely use IconTweak to get rid of it. However, note that this application doesn't appear to run on newer systems, as we tested it on Windows 10 and hiding the shortcut arrow triggered no response.


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Download –––––>>> https://urluss.com/2mykm1






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Here’s something interesting that you might not have known about, some good and some not-so-good apps, and some under-the-radar programs. You might find something useful here.
IconTweak is a Windows tool that can be used to remove shortcut arrows. The icons in any shortcut are made with the standard format, namely 128×128 pixels, and can be seen in short-hand on top-left corner of the icon. You can use a specific control panel to simply crop the arrow and then get rid of it.
• You can hide shortcut arrows.
• You can show shortcut arrows.
• You can set a default profile to all shortcuts.
• You can hide the original icon of shortcuts.
• You can import and export profiles to other devices.
• You can change shortcut icons in a variety of resolutions.
• You can hide the arrow in the top-left corner.
• You can hide the arrow in the top-right corner.
• You can resize the icons in the corner.

The tweaker’s tool is a clever addition to your toolbox of tweaking tweaks for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is that it allows you to easily create a temporary folder that will copy files to a drive or partition.
By default, any computer will look to the C Drive for any type of file that needs to be moved. Most likely, if you have important files there, that drive will become unavailable for some other task because it is being heavily used by the OS, your applications, and other programs. The problem for you lies in the fact that your Windows computer will continue to use the C drive. This can lead to important files falling out of your possession.
Files.org Tweaker creates a temporary folder, called Temporary Folder, where you can copy files to. By default, this folder resides on your C drive. If that is full or inaccessible for any reason, then you will have access to those files. You can easily copy and move a large number of files to the Temporary Folder, and once you do that, they will be deleted from the original location.
Files.org Tweaker has the ability to make a complete copy of your C drive and store it on your External Hard Drive. Whether you want to store the copies of your files on an external hard drive or just to view files on your computer without taking up space on the C Drive, this application can do that and more.
Files.org Twe

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Removes shortcut arrow from every icon of shortcuts you create.

4 / 5 – 21 votes

For every person that’s using Windows or Mac, it’s very probable that they learned about customizing the desktop by using Desktop Enhancer. Besides, there are several versions of this application that were specifically built for Linux, Linux distributions and Windows. Here is a list of some of these applications.
Removes custom splash screens
While the customizing of Windows has become a lot easier over time, one thing hasn’t changed: the fact that one of the steps of this process is choosing a custom splash screen that acts as a welcoming screen to your new desktop.
This application has a different function than what it was originally designed for: eliminating the need for a custom splash screen, so you can experience Windows without having to see a welcoming screen.
It’s very important to mention that this is not an application that can be installed on the target computer as its executable comes as a compressed file. To make things easier, though, the application features a very friendly interface that allows you to easily access its many options and customize its output.
It’s recommended that you use one of the versions of the application that runs on Linux; while it’s easy for any user to use, you can configure this application to your liking.
If you see that the splash screen doesn’t work for some reason, make sure that it’s set to use the desktop’s background color instead of the logo provided by the application itself.
Thanks for choosing Icon Tweak. You can even feel free to try their previous version to see if it works for you.
If you’re not entirely satisfied with the current version, you can uninstall it using the provided uninstaller.
Windows, Linux

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Regardless of the operating system that you use, you’ll notice that the default interface that comes with Windows PCs typically lack any visual life in most applications. This is something that means that any nice visual effect is omitted during the process of running applications.
However, with Windows 8 you have the option of changing the whole aspect of this interface: by enabling the Aero effect, you can get an interface with a flashy appearance that provides nice visual effects to every application you run on your PC.
If you have Windows 10 installed, you can

IconTweak Crack+ License Key Full Free Download (Latest)

IconTweak can be used as an application for current or future Windows computer to remove the shortcut arrow from every icon of every shortcut you create in your PC. [… ]

A shared memory solution
Using its own exclusive resources to modify the icon appearance is the most common way and the most reliable way to do so, and that’s mainly why it is the optimal choice for the users who like to tweak the appearance of the computer interface without messing up the system as much as possible. After all, for a lasting result, it makes sense to do something that only affects the app and not the entire system.
However, those who are looking for a quick solution are better off with the use of shared memory. In fact, using an application that creates a temporary file for the current changes, this solution is highly unlikely to conflict with the system. The obvious downside is that the application doesn’t have immediate effect.


This application does not require to be installed on the target computer. A mere installation will set up the customized appearance of your icons, without making any system level changes.

The absence of the arrow can be an annoying situation, but the execution of the following steps can solve the problem easily. In fact, we’ll work on the file HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\Start Menu\Programs and change the value icon_style to 2, which will force icons to display with only an icon, without the need of the arrow.
This option is only available in Windows XP (with or without SP 3), but it’s not really needed since we’ve already been provided with the shortcut, in the form of the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ShortcutProperties\shell icon key.
Download Icon Tweak for Windows
You can download the application free of charge here. As per the license terms, you’ll be allowed to install the application on only one computer. If you’re the owner of the computer that you want to tweak, you’ll get full access to the application.

Are you using this shortcut arrow again?
Don’t waste your time and don’t risk finding yourself running out of the top-down arrow again: Download Icon Tweak for Windows and remove it right away.

We can’t stress enough how useful this tool is, and we can’t even begin to describe the multitude of

What’s New In?

Click to Remove
Slim line of code. Tuckable dark UI. Extremely easy to use. Icon Tweak is a free alternative to IconEnhancer, available in the Microsoft Store.
Download IconTweak now.

Icon Tweak is a free add-in that lets you tweak hundreds of icon’s visual effects for any icon in the Windows system without ever having to actually edit a Windows registry.
iconTweak is a free Windows utility that was designed to let you easily change hundreds of icons in a matter of seconds to mimic a variety of visual effects.
This add-in can be used for any icon set including those of Microsoft Office or various applications.
Once you click on the icon of the desired effect, icons in the window will be replaced by the corresponding visual effect of the selected effect.
Access to all of the visual effects is simple, and as an icon tweaker yourself you know how important it is to have the option to easily change icons to the desired effect, so that you can satisfy your customers.
To access the full range of visual effects, simply click the icon tweak > desktop > icons > select the desired icon and then click apply icon tweak will apply the visual effect of your choice and replace the icon with its new design.
We hope that the visual effect icon tweak is useful in your tweaking process as you have an endless sea of visual effects that you can change.
Key features:
– Add/remove visual effects:
If you have been listening to your customers whining about the lack of visual effects that one icon iconTweak is a great utility to change all of these visual effects for thousands of icons in a matter of seconds for FREE!
All you have to do is download our tweak, click on the icon you want to customize and then click the apply icon tweak and you’ll see your icon tweak!
– Change full-screen window visual effects:
Want your icons to have a completely different style, like in full-screen mode?
Our icon tweak of course has you covered!
– Install current visual effects:
Get the latest visual effects in this version that have been tweaked for you by someone else’s visual effects, not by you!
– Change all icons to same visual effect:
Get all icons in your system to have the same visual effect, all in just one click!

System Requirements For IconTweak:

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 or AMD Phenom X4 940
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 16 GB free disk space
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Input Device: Keyboard and mouse
DirectX: Version 11
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
Keyboard: English keyboard
You will also need a digital camera to import images for your city. If


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