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Kundali Milan | Kundali Matching

Kundali Matching
Kundali Matching

kundali matchign / kundali milan

kundali matchign or kundali milan, is the marriage matching, that is seen as the basis for the marriage of Hindus,
In India Hindu people in embracing directions like East, South, North, West, etc. all side of people will see marriage matching.

kundali milan / kundali matchign is must seen in hindus marriage for new coupple people.
in india two types of matchign seen

  1. south indian marriage matchign, totaly 10 fits avaliable.
  2. in other places of india, will seen 8 fits and 36 scores.
    most of people seen both matchings

Gun Milan Explations

in Hindus marriage matching, very important match is Nadi Kuta,
Nadi Kutta is given high priority for kundali milan / kundali matching,
in your marriage matchign nadi kuta matching is not fit, u get 28 scores, that is not good for your kundali milan / marriage matching.

Kundali Milan / Kundali Matching Method

kundali milan – Gun Milan in that maximum number of scores is 36.
total matching is 8.
in the marriage matching Bhakuta kuta and Nadi Kuta is very important. it is favorable in the matching is good,
incase in the marriage matching Bhakuta and nadi kuta is not favorable in the matching is not good.
In The Kundali Milan / Kundali Matching

  1. Score From 31 to 36 – The Matching is Excellent
  2. Score From 21 to 30 – The matching is very good
  3. Score From 20 to 17 – The matching is Includes both good and bad
  4. Score From 0 to 16 – The Matching is inauspicious.

Kundali Matchign – Gunas

  1. Varna Koot – Spiritual
  2. Vasya Koot – Attraction
  3. Tara Koot – Fortune
  4. Yoni Koot – Sexual Life
  5. Graha Maitri Koot – Affection
  6. Gana Koot – Character
  7. Bhakoot Koot – Love
  8. Nadi Koot – Health
Kundli Milan
Kundli Milan

1.Varna Koot – Spiritual

This fitting shows that is the attitude of both spouses giving up on each other and working in life

2. Vasya Koot – Attraction

This fit should be for both the boy and the girl to live in harmony with the two people giving up and harmonious love

3. Tara Koot – Fortune
Tara is used to calculate the physical health and well-being of the bride and groom after the wedding.

4.Yoni Koot – Sexual Life

Indicates physical and sexual compatibility between couples. Explains the intimacy of the marital relationship after marriage for both the boy and the girl

5. Graha Maitri Koot – Affection

Graha Maitri is used to explore the strength of love between couples.

6. Gana Koot – Character

Ghana is used to identify the character of an individual. Explains what character both boy and girl belong to.

7. Bhakoot Koot – Love

The Bhagat or Zodiac test is used to check the overall health, well-being and prosperity of a family after marriage.

8. Nadi Koot – Health

Nadi fit, which refers to the stage of child development after marriage, Nadi fit is given more importance.

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