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Under normal circumstances, cable test management tasks are quite demanding, but if you resort to the right software utility in order to carry them out, the entire process should seem much more approachable.
LinkWare PC is one such piece of software whose purpose is to help you collect cable data from multiple testers, then process and turn it into comprehensive reports using all the tools it integrates for seamless control.
Cable management software for increased productivity
As said, LinkWare PC’s aim is to make organizing, editing, viewing, printing test results more easily. Data integrity should not be affected in any way, so you are able to securely combine and store test results into existing or new databases you can subsequently interact with in a transparent manner.
Importing data from cabling tester should raise no difficulty either, with serial port parameters being set automatically during the process. And since we have touched upon the subject, it is worth pointing out that a multimedia card can also be used for import purposes.
Can collect and process cable data from multiple testers
As for the alternatives you can turn to when sorting data, it should be pointed out that there is not only a quick mode, which enables you to select one single criterion, but also an advanced approach, which lets you resort to multiple parameters, such as operator name, customer site, Pass / Fail, and more.
Putting considerable emphasis into transparency and ease of use, the software utility is capable of generating comprehensive and at the same time flexible reports, regardless of whether they consist of mere text or myriads of data structured as color graphical documents.
Capable tool that can generate professional-looking reports
On an ending note, LinkWare PC is a highly capable piece of software designed to make responsibilities related to cabling installation management less pressing, giving you direct access to data delivered by multiple testers so that you can subsequently process and effortlessly share it with customers.
The program can generate a wide range of reports, bearing a professional feel to it while also managing to offer an intuitive user interface.


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LinkWare PC

LinkWare PC Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a cable management software designed to make cabling management more efficient, helping you collect and process test results on multiple testers in a way that is completely transparent.
LinkWare PC Download With Full Crack Features:
Key Features:
Suite of functions including data export and import
Management of tests results
Data integrity
File structure that allows easy data management
Highly flexible reports
Features support for local, SQL and remote databases
Practical security
Multi-threading option available
Integrated databases
Existing databases can be used for data management
Dynamic port address allocation
Management of connectors
Testing of the connectors
Individual cable tests on the tester
Security of the cable tests
Practical reports can be generated easily and quickly
Visually oriented reports
Useful reports for simplified editing and viewing
Easy backup of reports
Upload test reports to multiple testing stations
Compatible with most network OS, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
Multi-user, user-definable, network management

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What’s New In?

Download and install LinkWare PC today.
Key features:
? Data import.
? Data Export.
? 1 pass cabling tests per cable.
? Add/edit/delete operators.
? Define operators for cabling tests.
? Add/Edit/Delete cabling test results.
? Generate a list of results per cable.
? Generate and view cable test reports.
? Import/Export results data (Cable tests, Cable Connec…

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