Little Commander 2 Mod Unlock All [WORK]













Little Commander 2 Mod Unlock All


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The new game starts with more banknotes and crystals; Purchase of any tower.
After buying exploding banknotes, each time you make an impulse, a new number is created with zeros on the end; Spoilers;
There were three sublevels.
In the second level, buy career elevators, then upgrade them to get to the third level.
In the third level, the game contains a new map which is very difficult.
You don’t have to hit the elevator shaft to get to the topmost level, but you do need to reach each individual floor and you’ll come across elevators along the way.
Your health and the health of the bank depend on how you make money; To survive, you need to earn as much money as possible by killing other players; On each floor you get a lot of crystals.
While surviving, you must have more crystals to get back to the first level; Smoking cigarettes increases health by one point at any time; You will receive them when you go to the hospital; The cost of using one crystal for 500 points; Reduced “portal” damage from a shot; Increased agility scale; Crystals are available, which can be obtained for completing certain missions; Increasing the number of water discharges in the apartment; The amount of health is not tied to an indicator showing the level of energy; Crystals drop out after the destruction of the bomb; On the way you will meet trains, but it is not known how they slow down this effect; When you walk along the train tracks, you will have a 10% chance to win a crystal; On the opened level, do not forget to check the topography; You need to look for boxes with money in large chests; The amount of credits depends on your friend who plays “bad” players; You shouldn’t even try to steal them; If you buy, at the entrance to the apartment, the level of health will double; Each cell in the suitcase brings 500 crystals on first use; After each completed level, a new level will be available to you, but some things will be repeated; If the bank falls from the sky, the game will prompt you to continue the game on a new level; The cost of the game is 35,000 crystals – not much for seeing new levels; To get more credits, you need to purchase crystals for additional currency; If you have a “good” friend or you are 100% “good”, then you will receive 200 more credits per game; Game time is



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