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Until a few years ago, Java was primarily used in large companies but since then, it has gained a lot of ground since the platform is no longer expensive in itself, and it can be used in a number of devices including smartphones, set-top boxes and PDAs.

Today, I will show you how to build a real-time statistic web-based game in Java.
In our case we will use the excellent Javatools.

A real-time statistic web-based game is a game that has this following properties:

The game is free and does not require registration

It is played in real time

It can be visited from an non-game web site

The game is controlled from the web site

If you want, you can create your own applications based on Javatools, in order to add statistics (e.g. the number of goals scored in football matches) to a football game.

A Java version of the game is available for download here:

Note that the Java game is not the only one based on Javatools. The library is a powerful and easy-to-use XML-based framework that allows you to develop some really nice applications.


The game is played by connecting a user to a web site. The web site then fetches the values of the relevant statistics from a server and displays them in an HTML table.
In the game, the player can predict the next set of values by pressing a button, thus leaving the web site. The algorithm that fetches the data from the server depends on the type of statistics being monitored and the nature of the web site itself.

In the following section, the main components of the game are defined and explained in more detail. It includes the handling of the server responses in case a player, a game or a user pressing a button. This last event can be used to start the fetches for the next round. The game also has a thread pool that manages the connection to the server. This thread pool is an important component in real time games.

The server

The server is probably the most complex and least documented part of the game. It fetches the statistical data from a remote location and returns this information through a WebServices.

Importing the Data

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– See also:
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– LongPass supports multi-lines input data.
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– LongPass remembers the last user input to be used the next time he/she wants to generate a password.
– LongPass supports input data dictionary.
LongPass uses its own dictionary for conversions. You can choose the dictionary type, e.g. “Words”, “Sentences” and “Dictionary”.
LongPass will remember the last dictionary chosen for each user.
– LongPass supports continuous conversion.
– If the conversion is not finished, the user can press any key to stop conversion.
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– Once the conversion is finished, the current and last keys will be shown in the user’s user interface.
– Only last two keys can be shown in the user interface.
Supported algorithms:
– KAT.
– The Unix Crypt(1).
– Base32.
– Base64.
– Salsa20/20.
– Ripemd160.
Note: You must have the WinRAR and MSCONFIG32 installed before running it.
Save data on removable devices
LongPass can save data on removable devices (flash disk, USB pen drive, SD card).
You can store the generated files on your removable devices.
– LongPass can access to data on removable devices.
– The data can be extracted from a file on a removable device.
– The password generated by LongPass can be stored on your removable devices.
– You can use your removable devices as the input data of LongPass

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Protect accounts with complicated ciphers by remembering 2 simple keys!
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Find the password you gave to the world, and see it in a new light…

Find the password you gave to the world, and see it in a new light…

Find the password you gave to the world, and see it in a new light…

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A popular technique to gain the ability to read secure messages which are hidden within files is known as steganography. This allows one to hide information within large documents such as images, documents, even audio files if embedded secretly. However, such files can still be read by steganography software just as any other file can.

Most steganography software has an extensive list of features including: drag & drop file insertion, text search mode, random or ordered message insertion, text in file encryption, image encryption and image hiding software.

The Inception series

The inception series is a series of action movies which are based on a high concept of hiding messages in the simplest ways, and most hidden messages are backed up with science-fiction terms. For example, inception’s threat is backed up by how they say that they can use nanotube technology to extract data from anywhere and conceal it onto a piece of paper and encrypt it.

Inception’s cipher system is an onion, and it means that the users hold an advantage. In the movie, this is used at the beginning to crack a strong encryption – when the assassins try to find their targets, they do that by seeing if they can get through the users’ shields.

The series consists of three

What’s New in the LongPass?

Whatever password strength percentage you like, the strong passphrases you generate and remember at the same time are generated specifically for every account you are protecting on the web.

The application is portable so you can simply store it on your removable device and launch it whenever you want to paste one of your passwords within a dedicated field.

When running it, you first need to enter a personal key phrase that you are sure you can remember – such as the birthday of your best friend or any other word or combination of letters that you can easily keep in mind, yet that is hard to guess by outsiders.

Next, you need to specify a passcode that is specific to the account you are interested in, such as FacebookProfile, twitteraccount and so on. Once more, it needs to be something intuitive and that you can easily remember when logging in to each service.

Effortlessly generate powerful passwords

After you entered the two simple keys, you can fully benefit from the functions of LongPass – press the Paste button and move the mouse cursor to the dedicated password field.

At this point, LongPass uses the two previously entered passcodes to generate a strong password that is extremely hard to break. This long password does not need to be remembered by you – whenever you input the two keys, in order, the same cipher will be generated over and over again, so your account details are safe.

All in all, LongPass might seem a little bit difficult to get used to, yet its advantages outweigh the disadvantages – after all, you do not need to remember any intricate password and you also get to protect your online privacy with a unique passcode.

LongPass is a modern and sophisticated tool that helps you generate and remember long passwords. The solution employs “keys” and “phrases” that are very easy to remember, while simultaneously being impossible to guess. The application does not need to be installed on a computer.

Essentially, LongPass is a password-generation utility that can be used to generate and paste strong passwords for use on online accounts like social networks, email, and more.

Also, the program can generate unique passcodes for social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, and more. This app comes with some built-in services, like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and a few more.

LongPass has been designed to make it easy to generate strong passwords. The user interface is so simple that they can use the software

System Requirements:

Important Note: The game requires an internet connection to play. It is not a standalone game.
After installing the game, the first time you play through the tutorial you will be asked to sign in to your Xbox Live account. After signing in, the game will launch and you can play the tutorial.
If you are having issues with the tutorial, you can access the tutorial by pressing the START button on the Xbox One controller.
Key Game Features
• 48 beautiful, open-world environments
• Over 350 unique monsters
• 10 unique


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