Maleficarum 2011 15 [2021]













Maleficarum 2011 15


Maria Francisca, a wealthy young heiress, and her friend Mariana de Castro, a young Protestant widow, are accused of witchcraft. Fearing a repeat of the story of the wife of the Count de Montozier, who was executed on charges of witchcraft, Marie-Angelica, daughter of Henry IV, agrees in advance to clear herself of charges of witchcraft and sacrifice herself in order to save the life of her parents. Now she has only one thing left to do – save her stepmother from certain death and settle accounts with her long-time foe, the Comte de La Roche-Guyon.
The play takes place in Paris in 1357.
The dramatic basis of the play is based on the following plot: four heroines, sisters Marie, Marie and Marguerite, live in Paris and raise three daughters, as well as their illegitimate daughter. The birth of the second daughter – the illegitimate child of Margo – causes an ambiguous reaction in society. Mother has not come to Paris for a long time, and Margarita openly lives at court, secretly meets with Louis of Orleans, the brother of the king. In the house where the witch sisters live, a tragedy happens – one night the Inquisition comes to the house. That same night, one of the daughters, Marie, dies. Two servants, Margherita and her maid Oriana, have run away from home because they suspect their mistress of witchcraft. At the same time, the second daughter – Margarita, daughter of the king and the inquisitor, is trying to prevent the execution of her sister. The La Roche Guillon couple – their old enemy Roger de La Roche Gudon – has another daughter, Angelique, and he is also interested in Marie and Margot staying alive. But one of the sisters – Margo – is a mother distraught with grief, and the other – Angelica – is too weak in spirit to fight the persecution of the authorities.
After the murder of Henry IV, the gloomy era of the Regency begins, but Marie, Margarita, Oriana manage to escape to the provinces. Marie, trying to avenge her sister, enters into a secret alliance with the Marquis de Quillombo. Because of this, Kiyembo finds her and reveals that Mari is indeed a sorcerer. However, during their conversation, the Marquis de Laroche-Boasso himself enters the house, and Quiyambo appears at the moment of Marie’s exposure. At the same moment, the king comes to the house with his bride



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