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… Take charge of a wide range of 2D and 3D plots, including histograms, mdx (2D peak), df (curve fitting), mdd (2D multidimensional), complete profiles, 2D gradient and 2D, 3D correlation scans, volumes (cylindrical X, cylindrical Y or side by side), display modes, image color map, display options, etc. Integrated plot…

A number of emerging disciplines such as genomics and protein engineering require a significant amount of computational resources to model, simulate and analyze the emerging new world of complex biological systems. An explosion of initiatives to provide that kind of broad capability has occurred within the past five years, with the movement outside the research lab to the community. While the research community produces an increasing amount of research relevant to model biological systems using computational methods, the infrastructure required to support the trend is limited. The idea is that the community could provide the tools to address emerging modeling and simulation needs and foster interactions across the broad field, ensuring the future success of that field.
The process of developing computational methods is extremely diverse, encompassing many facets of technology. A small group of like-minded experts in the field of Biology, Mathematical Modelling and Computer Science could use their collective skills to provide the needed coordination. While this may seem like a daunting task, we know the critical role that is played by the bridge between mathematics, biology and computer science in addressing fundamental questions. We are proposing a research project to address this problem, to provide critical coordination for the field and to develop a model that would enable computational methods to perform in a seamless manner in the core disciplines. Our proposed Modeling and Simulation Environment for Biology and Medicine (Mesem) will create a common infrastructure for the various communities, to enable the use of computational methods in diverse biological problems. Mesem will be implemented as a set of reusable software packages that provide key tools for the integration of biological and/or medical/environmental data and simulations. Although Mesem is aimed at the biological community, it is in fact a modular and extensible platform that enables others, regardless of the intended context, to develop powerful computational techniques.
Mesem’s goal is to promote an open-source, community-based, and innovation-driven modeling and simulation infrastructure. It is planned to be a resource available on the Internet. Mesem will function as a core technology for future projects, bringing together the strength of the diverse biological community by making computational methods more accessible and less fragmented.

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Mantid is an easy-to-use software tool that allows you to explore, analyze and visualize scientific data of various forms, including scientific spectra, protein sequences, QTL data, 2D and 3D maps and more.
Supported facilities include ISIS, HFIR, SmuS, MARI, CHRONUS, LARMOR and MERLIN.
It is possible to select and extract data by using a comprehensive command line interface and an advanced graphical user interface.
The program can be installed on both Linux and Windows based systems with a requirement to compile it by yourself. More detailed information about this utility is available in the manual that can be accessed by clicking on the icon that appears in the top left corner of the program window.
Universal app/cross-platform solution
It is possible to access this application from different platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac or Android. It is also possible to run this program from a USB stick or SD card.
In addition, Mantid can generate different kinds of data files with great ease, including FITS, EPICS, Excel and ASCII, and you can view and save them.
Multiple file formats
You can work with multiple file formats, such as CSV, TAB, CHM, HTML or PDF.
Furthermore, Mantid is capable of converting the data into a structured format, using Map Document File.
Planned features
Another major feature of this program is the capability to organize multiple projects simultaneously, organized into different workspaces.
Furthermore, it is possible to organize scientific data within multiple workspaces by following a step-by-step guide.
Some fields can be further customized so you can make changes to the data, including improving the overall visualization appearance by enabling the following features:
Free-form slope
Free-form slope
Spectral selection
Spectral selection
Spectral selection.
Spectral range selection
Spectral range selection.
Fitted range
Fitted range.
Analytic fitting slope
Analytic fitting slope.
Preliminary Mantid Tutorials:
(Video Guides)
Below is a list of tutorials, which might be helpful for new users. Click the links to watch the videos.
Introduction to the “Mantid” analysis package…
Mantid Tutorials:
Mantid User Guide…
Installation and Security Setup…
Analysis of Intensity Data…
Analysis of Interaction Data…
Basic Macros and Actions…

Mantid Full Product Key

Mantid is a multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) desktop-based scientific analysis and visualization program that makes it extremely easy to explore, explore and explore data.
✓ You can create.fits,.mtx,.CDF,.HLF files from the huge variety of data that can be found on the web and examine them with Mantid.
✓ Click on a slide to show the latest version of the associated table, plot or fit.
✓ Perform different types of analyses such as loading data, selecting parameters, creating groups, adding legends, changing plot orientations, rearranging panels, and much more…
✓ It is possible to copy data to the clipboard and paste them into MS Word and other applications.
✓ Load and format datasets from the most common scientific and financial formats.
✓ Ability to read:
○ Cat (V1, V2, V3)
○ NetCDF (V2.2)
○ ASCII (V1.2.0)
○ IDL (V5.0.0)
○ HDF (V5.1.2)
○ HDF/ASCII (V5.1.2)
○ HDF/Sequential (V5.1.2)
○ HDF5 (V5.2.0)
○ Python (V2.7.6)
• Extended support for:
○ FITS (V3.0.0)
○ Tex (V2.1.1)
○ MTF (V2.0.0)
○ HDF (V5.0.2)
○ QMCD (V2.1.0)
○ Exo (V2.0.2)
○ HDF/ASCII (V5.1.2)
○ HDF/Sequential (V5.1.2)
• Added:
○ PICIO (V2.0.2)
○ EXCEL (V7.7.1)
• Updated:
○ Rooftop (V1.0.0)
○ Hcal (V2.7.1)
○ HDF (V5.1.2)
○ HDF/Sequential (V5.1.2

What’s New in the Mantid?

Mantid is a software that allows users to handle and process their experimental data. It is in fact the most powerful data processing software in existence today.


Import Data

Mantid allows users to import several types of data. You can read spectra from multiple sources such as: ISIS, HFIR, SmuS, CHRONUS, LARMOR and MERLIN. Mantid can take diffraction data from ISIS, HFIR, ISIS, SINQ, and MARI.

Plot graphs

Mantid allows users to produce graphs. Graphs can be produced in several varieties, such as:

Histograms – can be produced in several types, such as 2D and 3D. 2D histograms can be produced in several types, such as bar, rectangles, circle and squares. 3D histograms can be produced in several types, such as bars, rectangles, circles and squares.

Fitting data to the best fit

Mantid allows users to fit their data to the best fit. In Mantid, fitting data to the best fit is possible with five algorithms:

Mantid allows users to fit their data to the best fit.

2D fitting

Mantid allows users to fit their data to the best fit. 2D fitting is possible with five algorithms:

RPC analysis

2D plots

1D plots

Mantid allows users to generate a range of 2D plots.

Fitting data to the best fit with multiple functions

Mantid allows users to fit their data to the best fit with multiple functions. The functions available for fitting and generating graphs are:


Xray resolution enhancement

Xray absorption


2D plots

1D plots

Mantid allows users to generate a range of 2D plots.

MD plot

Mantid allows users to generate a MD plot of their data. MD plots can be produced with any type of data.

Mantid allows users to generate an MD plot of their data.

Plot Spectrum

Mantid allows users to obtain plot spectra, plotted either as 2D plots, 1D lines, or 3D plots.

Plot Spectrum

Plot lines

Plot Spectrum

Spectrum Viewer

Mantid allows users to view spectrum data either

System Requirements For Mantid:

How to Play:
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