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MDT Administrator is a simple and easy-to-use application that allows you to easily manage and organize your MDT databases.
From its intuitive interface, you have the possibility to view computer and role settings for each selected database. All you have to do is to specify the server where your MDT database is located and its name.


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MDT Administrator Crack

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MDT Administrator Requirements

We have a licensing model based on frequency of updates and the level of support for MDT Administrators. You can license the software as a client, or buy a “Site License” for $499.00.
For clients, you get free updates and support, and we will honor all current MDT Administrators licenses at the minimum $499.00 license fee.
The license is valid for the duration of the license fee, even if the minimum license is no longer active. If you want a license key for your employees, you can also buy a Site License for $999.00.
Full documentation, training and support can be purchased also.
We also offer an upgrade license, where existing MDT Administrators can upgrade for one of the new licensing options and save money.
See the MDT Administrator documentation for details:

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MDT Administrator Free

# IT administrator.
# Data storage management.
# Home tab – Human interface.
# Server tab – Computer settings.
# Role tab – Role settings.
# Preset tab – Customizable settings.
# Help tab – Special actions.
# License key.
# Compability checker.

# License key can be found in the installation folder.
# If you do not want to enable MDT administrator, please select “No”.

# Compability checker will automatically check MDT version, MDT version and MDT version and automatically open the correct MDT Administrator version.

# Click the button and select this item to show the list of MDT versions.

# Click the button and show the “Compability Checker”.

# You can choose MDT version and go to the “MDT Administrator”.

# You can choose MDT version and click the button to check “Compability”.

# If an error occurs or there is no error found, MDT version will be installed or will update automatically.

# If an error occurs, click the button to confirm that you agree to quit the error.
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MDT Administrator Free

Comprehensive database management,
The system can be used on MDT clients and MDT servers,
Included licenses,
It has been designed to be easy to use,
It does not require any third-party software

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Can be run from a local hard disk drive or a network share.

Install MDT Administrator:

Download the MDT Administrator
Run the Installation executable
Follow the installation wizard that will appear
Answer the wizard’s prompts
Select “I have chosen to install MDT administrator”
When prompted to restart the computer, select ‘Yes’

Run MDT Administrator

After the installation, if the application does not appear in your Start Menu, follow these steps:
From the Start Menu, select All Programs
Click MDT Administrator
Look for MDT Administrator, and you will find it at this location:

Windows Start Menu: Programs > Microsoft Deployment Tools (MDT)

Right-click MDT Administrator
Click ‘Run as Administrator’

Launch the application:

Once MDT Administrator has been launched, you will be able to select the databases that you want to manage.
When you select the databases, you will have the following additional windows:

Start the Scripts:

You will then be able to launch the scripts that you need from the Start menu. 
At the final step of the script execution, you will be able to manage the MDT deployment data.

MDT Administrator’s Features:

Allows you to manage computer and role settings for each selected database;
Provides the most common tasks to manage the deployment data, such as:
View the deployment status for all the databases selected in your deployment. The result of the deployment status is reflected in a simple table;
Creates a new virtual machine that can be used to deploy a specific MDT database;
Allows the MDT administrator to manage the deployment log by creating a log file;
Allows the MDT administrator to retrieve the specific deployment log entry of the MDT databases;
Allows the MDT administrator to view the user security information for each database;
Allows the MDT administrator to manage the user’s security information, such as:
Change the user name and password;
Change the user’s status: The user can be defined as an admin user, a normal user, a system user or a disabled user;

What’s New In?

-Simple and intuitive interface
-View computer and role settings for each database
-View installed packages
-View installed computers and roles
-Compatible with hardware and software versions from Windows Server 2008 R2
-Works with Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows Server 2008 R2
-Option to do a new installation
-Option to create a new database
-Option to create a new role
-Option to export and import configuration
-Option to manage cookies
-Option to manage compression
-Option to protect databases with a password
-Option to backup databases
-Option to import configuration to existing databases
-Option to revert back to earlier versions
-Option to add and remove computers to or from a role
-Option to manage computer events
-Option to manage package events
-Option to manage role events
-Option to lock/unlock an unlicensed role
-Option to add and remove computer/role filters
-Option to view filter information
-Option to view license status for a computer
-Option to set license service account for a computer
-Option to restore databases from backups
-Option to view license history for a computer
-Option to manage a license
-Option to view the previous state of a computer and role
-Option to save configuration to a file
-Option to display the log file
-Option to create and open a log file
-Option to edit a log file
-Option to view and edit certificate values
-Option to decrypt a certificate
-Option to print
-Option to change language
-Option to reset installer information
-Option to add and remove certificates
-Option to edit the CA/PKI configuration in the computer and role
-Option to add/remove a certificate
-Option to edit a certificate
-Option to view certificate information
-Option to import a certificate
-Option to export a certificate
-Option to remove a certificate
-Option to add computers and roles to multiple databases at a time
-Option to remove computers and roles from multiple databases at a time
-Option to merge databases
-Option to check if a computer/role is licensed
-Option to create a new role
-Option to copy a role
-Option to create a new computer
-Option to clone a computer
-Option to block computers and roles from a role
-Option to set the file system replication on a computer
-Option to change the active directory server
-Option to view certificate information
-Option to export

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP or Vista
Processor: Intel Pentium 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Video Card: 256 MB or more (Resolution: 1024 x 768)
DirectX: 8.0
Additional Notes: The game is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Please read the installation instructions carefully.
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