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God is the foremost religion, and devotees appear to put God first.

God’s place in society is very important because the fear of God reduces mistakes,

God is the head of religion and heals the guilty minds of sinners.

The idea that God will surely punish those who do wrong, that He is watching over them, saves man from doing wrong,

The images of God vary according to the religions of man.

Many types of God

Male God.
female god.
In the form of animals
In the form of land
In the form of water
In the form of fire,
In the form of air.
In the form of the sky,
In the form of lightning.
In the form of the sun,
In the shape of the moon,
In the form of darkness,
In the form of troll and devil.
The above gods vary according to the religion, character and culture of human beings

Male God List, the foremost of the male deities,
There are many types of male gods
Giant demons
There are many more gods
Of these, there are many temples dedicated to
Tirumala has more temples next to the male deity
Thirdly there are more temples of Ganesha
Fourthly there are more temples of Lord Murugan.
Of these, Brahma has few temples

Temples of other deities are widespread

Female God.

Foremost among the female gods are many gods
Aathi Parasakthi
And many more..
The female deities are generally more intense,
The peaceful God is effectively portrayed as a reincarnation.

Man may not obey the law but must obey God,

God is based on their conscience,
Man is very careful in making mistakes because God sees the mistake he is making

The proverb is that the king will buy then and God will buy today,

No matter what religion man follows, he must follow the strict worship of the God of that religion

He will express his grievances to God
He will appeal to God to resolve his need

If he has any regrets in his mind he will tell them to God

God creates a relationship between the human mind and the action they perform and makes them walk as good human beings in society

Man can depend on any religion of his choice
Or stand alone though not religious

All religions explain the same idea,
There is only one God

No matter what the religion, there is someone above him, he is so powerful, he can solve his worries, his grievances, he is a miracle God is his name

the female God, the God in the form of beasts, though there are so many, that the union of all is one, it is the Lord,
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