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Name Matching

Name Matching

Name Matching


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1% to 15% - Bad
16% to 40% - Good
41% to 75% - Very Good
76% to 100% - Excelent


Name matching is the process of finding out the marital status of both men and women before marriage.

If the name does not match the horoscope can be matched or
If the horoscope does not match, you can check the name match
Name matching and horoscope matching are both essential for married life, the most important of which is name matching
Why is name matching important? What if they say?
Someone’s name will be with him for the rest of his life, and everyone will call their own name,

Name Matching

Name fit is predicted into two types
Calculated with star
Calculated by keeping vibrations
Method of calculating name matching star
Currently widely used name matching is based on the star, this method is widely used
Let’s see clearly how the name match is calculated with the star
Usually in Hinduism naming someone is based on their birth star
Depending on the star in which a child is born and in what position he is born, the first letter of the name of the child is placed first.
The pier so placed will be with him for the rest of his life, and he will enjoy the benefit of that star when called by that name,
Every star has every reason, and those born under that star will have common traits of darkness, which apply to both men and women.
Below is a clear indication of which letter would be called primarily for those born under which star,

The corresponding letters for the star

The corresponding letters for the star above are clearly given
If the person does not have a horoscope or the horoscope is not written, this name is very helpful to know their marital status.
A person who does not have a horoscope has a name given to him whose character is known i.e. the first letter of a person’s name is first determined by which star it belongs to
The first letter depends on which star the name holder has
The method of calculating the name fit correctly
The woman’s name plays a major role in matching the name to the marriage.
A person has two names, a name that is called by family and friends and a name that is different in the school and college certificate.
Thus for someone with two names the name should be checked to match the name with which it is most commonly called
Both the first letter of the woman’s name and the first letter of the man’s name must be marked first
The first letter in the woman’s name should be the star of the star and then the first letter in the man’s name the star.
Now we need to look at the two stars and see the star match that we know best.
The wedding star match has 10 basic matches

Ten of the above twelve matches are basic matches
For those who do not have a horoscope match, this name match shows a good way and it is very good to see the name match even if there is a horoscope

When a man’s name sounds alongside a woman’s name after marriage, their character will be completely different as the character of that star will sound along with the character of another star.
Marrying people who match the right stars will increase child wealth and other wealth in his life so their health and mood will be smooth.

Name Matching
Name Matching

27 stars play a fundamental role in human life

All the matches viewed for the wedding according to the Hindu system are star based
Horoscopes are predicted based on the star
Similarly, those who look for name matching predict matches based on the star
That is why 27 stars play a fundamental role in human life
Calculation method for keeping vibrations
The name is not just an alphabet, it is a vibration, those vibrations have + charge resistance and – charge resistance.
Name matching is the combination of vibrations in one name and vibrations in another name.
For example, after marriage, a woman’s name changes to a full name, meaning the first letter of the man’s name before the woman’s name and the man’s full name after the woman’s name.
The man’s name is Raman
Girl’s name is Sita (name before marriage)

How the girl’s name changes

After marriage
Ra. Sita Raman
The girl’s name was completely changed
It can be seen that the rate of inviting a woman before marriage and the rate of inviting a woman after marriage has completely changed.
Thus when completely changed the vibrations in that name change,
Let’s see about the vibrations

There are three types of vibrations

Every human being has a wheel running around him, and that wheel depends on the positive, negative and neutral energies around them,

Positive energy is good for the human body, brain and nerves
Negative energy can cause harm to the human body, brain and nerves
Neutral energy is neither good nor bad for man
The wheel around a man or woman with a positive name is created by positive energy.
The wheel around them with the negative name character is created by the negative energy, and when the man or woman with the negative character joins them the negative wheel around them is filled with the positive character and has the potential to change to the neutral co or positive co
Take the mathematical formula for example
(+) + (+) = +
(-) + (-) = –
(+) + (-) = + OR –
(-) + (+) = – OR +
Female name (+) Positive + Male name Positive (+)
The combination of the two will increase the positivity in their married life and they will have children and great wealth and will be in good health.
Female name (-) Negative + Male name (-) Negative
The combination of the two increases the likelihood of having children but living with financial hardship.
Female name (+) Positive + Male name (-) Negative
Only by looking at both the woman’s name and the man’s name can one predict whether there is a positive or a negative,
If these have a positive character they will live with children and wealth, physical health and married life will be better
If there is negativity then the married life with children will not be better and there will not be much wealth and one of the two will have health problems
Female name is negative and male name is negative
Only by looking at both the woman’s name and the man’s name can one predict whether there is positivity or negativity.
If the negativity is there then one in two who have children and financial difficulties will have physical health problems,
Those with two names should definitely look for a name match for both
positive and negative energy siddhaastrology
For example
A woman named Maha Lakshmi is called by two names
One is called Maha and the other is called Lakshmi.

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