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There are well-known attack vectors for different categories of malware, but cybercriminals always seem to be inventive and smart enough to find and exploit other Windows vulnerabilities. Protecting your PC against zero-day threats is difficult even for a reliable security solution, so taking extra measures to harden the Windows security shield sounds like a good idea, especially if we are talking of a newly installed system. NoVirusThanks SysHardener allows you to tamper with a few security-related settings in Windows and installed applications, settings that might turn into exploitable vulnerabilities.
Disable or restrict features that might result in system vulnerabilities
NoVirusThanks SysHardener is designed as a simple application, having sets of settings that can be checked and unchecked as you consider fit. For instance, you can configure Windows to allow administrative rights for executable files that are both signed and have a valid certificate, ignoring requests in case such conditions are not met.
Other security tweaks enable you to turn on the Windows file protection, driver integrity checking, or the SmartScreen feature. Autoplay and autorun can be turned off for obvious reasons, as so are the Windows remote assistance or RDC-related services. NoVirusThanks SysHardener can also disable unused Windows services and remove file associations for certain extensions, such as JavaScript and Java files, batch files, screensavers, and so on.
Disable app features and block outbound connections
Focusing on security more than anything else, NoVirusThanks SysHardener can also tweak features of installed software tools, such as Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, Kingsoft WPS Office, or Foxit Reader. If you are using any of these programs, you should take a look at these tweaks, which target features that are known to have been exploited. For instance, you can choose to disable macros, JavaScript, OLE and ActiveX objects.
While the Windows firewall can be configured separately, NoVirusThanks SysHardener also has a section dedicated to outbound and inbound connections. It allows you to set restrictions and block connections for certain apps to protect the system against malicious attacks.
A system tweaker that requires patience and experience to configure
NoVirusThanks SysHardener is a simple way to customize the Windows configuration and shift the focus to security from program compatibility. However, you have to take the time to go through all the available options carefully and read warnings to decide wittingly whether a feature should be ticked or not. The catch is that you don't disable a feature you might require.







NoVirusThanks SysHardener Free [Mac/Win]

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NoVirusThanks SysHardener Full Crack

NoVirusThanks SysHardener Full Crack

NoVirusThanks SysHardener Full Crack has been developed by popular developer NoVirus Thanks. With this, NoVirusThanks SysHardener Full Crack supports a variety of features that your System can enable as well. The features that you can use can be changed by you at your own choice and selection. However, if you allow a feature that is having a possibility of altering the system’s reliability. This feature should be allowed with a great care so as not to harm your system’s stability. Further, NoVirusThanks SysHardener Full Crack allows you to clean up the registry in order to free some of the internal space that your system is consuming. Therefore, a lot of space can be achieved. On the same time, any of the existing files present in your system can also be removed by you using this application. In addition, the application’s configuration can also be changed by you. The configuration is useful for the users so that the users can have a possibility to adjust the application’s display in their own way.

The useful features of NoVirusThanks SysHardener Full Crack include:

– A simple interface is used in NoVirusThanks SysHardener that does not require any coding skills for the beginners. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any coding skills.

– This application also allows you to enable the “Fast Startup”. Thereby, you can also specify the “Restart at sign”.

– This application can be used for the restoration purpose.

– The application also allows you to assign the required memory which is required by different applications and applications.

– You can also enable “System Restore” in NoVirusThanks SysHardener Full Crack.

– The application can be the best choice for the users to manage the boot options.

– The application can be used for the updating purpose.

– This application is also used for the purpose to enhance the current system.

– This application also allows you

NoVirusThanks SysHardener Free

NoVirusThanks SysHardener [v4.0.2.0] – Security Settings

1. Control whether Windows records and saves your mouse and keyboard clicksthat can be used for phishing attacks or other security threats. ClickOK when this checkbox is unchecked, and clickDismiss when it is checked.

2. Check this checkbox to allow applications that are signedwith a security code to be executed in the System Run settings.

3. Uncheck this checkbox to deny the use of the Windows Run and Runas=

4. Set the location for user files. ClickBrowse to choose the location for this folder. Enter thepath as shown, and clickOK to set the location.

5. Uncheck this checkbox to allow the Windows Run and Runas=

6. Set the location for programs. ClickBrowse to choose the location for this folder.Enter the path shown, and clickOK to set the location.

7. Uncheck this checkbox to deny the use of the Windows Run and Runas=

8. Set the location for computer settings. ClickBrowse to choose the location for this folder.Enter the path shown, and clickOK to set the location.

9. Uncheck this checkbox to deny the use of the Windows Run and Runas=

10. Click OK to exit the NoVirusThanks SysHardener’s security page.

Download NoVirusThanks SysHardener [v4.0.2.0]

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System Tweakers

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System Tweakers

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System Tweakers

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NoVirusThanks SysHardener is a security tweak for Windows 10 Home [64-bit]. An executable file is available at to install the application.

NoVirusThanks SysHardener requires administrative rights to be fully functional. We are not responsible for any loss of data, privacy, or other issue caused by this application. More details are available at

NoVirusThanks SysHardener

NoVirusThanks SysHardener is a powerful, yet easy to use Windows Tweaker utility that helps you to change default settings and improve your system security. You can configure various components of your computer’s security:
Password requirements for local users
Security settings for accounts protected by the PwdHash function
Harden Windows against zero-day threats
SmartScreen Filter.
No matter what is your desired Windows configuration, NoVirusThanks SysHardener has got you covered. You can do simple things such as deactivate file extensions, turn off Windows services, auto-run programs, block browser pop-ups and much more!
* Change program security settings for 32 bit and 64 bit Windows operating systems
* Tweak security settings for various Windows components: Windows Firewall, Windows Update, Remote Desktop, UAC, Windows Defender, etc.
* Tweak Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, Kingsoft WPS Office and Foxit Reader and turn on/off features that have been known to be exploited by cybercriminals.

ChiaShu Penh is a Chinese computer security researcher and activist, whose activism is focused on raising awareness about data privacy and security issues. In 2015 he was reported to have been arrested at the computer security expo Black Hat, and an FBI investigation followed. Since then he has also been vocal about the human rights situation in Xinjiang.
During the interview ChiaShu explained that a large majority of security researchers and people in the security sector are working from the understanding that privacy is not something that is under personal control. Furthermore, the recent privacy scandals, such as Facebook Cambridge Analytica case, have shown that the data collected on the public is used to affect the choices of the individuals and for political or commercial activities. This is a huge issue, he stated, and it is important for the security community to pay attention to this as well. He explained that many people do not realize that the hardware and software that they are using are built by companies that make money from data collection. The solution, he thinks, is to have a company that operates in a transparent manner, where the data collected is solely for engineering purposes, and for the development of products.
Today the security sector is well-equipped with various tools and methods that can potentially improve the security of our online presence. However, we are not aware of the implications of using them. The role of the security researcher is to provide awareness about these tools and methods and the risks involved when they are

What’s New In NoVirusThanks SysHardener?

NoVirusThanks SysHardener (NoVirussh*) is the only app that gives you complete control over Windows and is designed to remove harmful files. It is free to use and easy to install. Even if you do not know a lot about computers, NoVirusThanks SysHardener will show you how to protect the system.
Screenshots :


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How to select single character (for highlighting current line)?

I would like to highlight the current line with some char (not caret) like Python. Is there any way?
I don’t want to select all of the text and then copy it.


Using Lingo, in an ascii file:

Open the character that you want to highlight in the position that you want to highlight it (if the cursor is not at that position, click on the Position Bar)
Highlight all the characters in the line above where the cursor is
Press t to copy the highlighted text
Press t again to paste the character at the current cursor position (the character will be highlighted)

System Requirements:

1.8.0 has been tested with the following video game system configurations:
* 3.0 GHz Processor
* 4 GB RAM
* NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti / AMD Radeon HD 6870 / Intel HD 4000 series
* DirectX11-compatible video card with at least 1 GB VRAM (GeForce GTX 690 minimum)
* Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or later
* 12.0-inch 1080p display or higher
* USB 2.0 port
* Free hard disk space of 15 GB or higher

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