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Free Download Vastu Shastra Book In Marathi 59


information about the context of the Vastushastra book cover. Initially, its name in Sanskrit meant “research”. Encyclopedia Britannica in 1997 defines under this name the science of knowing the Universe in the light of cosmological concepts.
This treatise was first discovered in Rajasthan in 1855. Contains cosmological information, astrology and methods of weather forecasting.
Part 1
preliminary analysis
– prehistory of sleep.
– a survey of relatives for the presence of acquaintances and friends who could be related to the issue of interest to the author. Answers on questions:
– what events of dreams were written about in an ancient source?
How were the events of the dreams interpreted?
Part 2
Origin of the gods
– gods of what civilization live in our world?
At present, there is enough evidence that allows us to think that the Orians, Dravidians, Proto-Indians are Indo-Europeans. Causes astonishment and strikes at the hypothesis of the origin of the gods from a single source – from the father, the creator of the universe. However, if we accept the point of view about the existence of a single cosmic first principle, then we will be forced to admit that the gods are not autonomous in their existence. We are also forced to admit, if this is so, that the concepts of good and evil, justice and injustice, chastity and debauchery, retribution and punishment, etc. have little to do with the ideas of man in antiquity and the modern era. In fact, these concepts are not two-dimensional, but multidimensional, multidimensional in the truest sense of the word.
These multidimensional concepts are also found in Perun, Dazhdbog, Lada, Lele, Svarog. We are talking about pure, energy, which, with its characteristics, can both materialize a created person and destroy it. Which can both make a person do evil, and can endow him with the energy of good.
Treatise Vastushstra is written in runic language, with the help of which the differentiation and equalization of the concepts of good and happiness is explained. Leveling. Separation. Destruction. Transference. Help. Endowment.
The happy world was created on the basis of balance



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