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Movies2iPhone is a simple, yet effective application whose main purpose is to convert any movie you want to output formats supported by devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Although these devices come with great functionality, modern design and intuitive interface, when it comes to playing videos, they turn out to be quite squeamish as they support few formats and using apps that convert your favorite files to such formats come in handy.
A minimalistic and user-friendly interface
The main window of Movies2iPhone is very simple and easy to work with. The two tabs that it comes with, namely ‘Convert’ and ‘Option’ allow you to quickly choose the movie file you are interested in, set the output directory and shutdown the computer.
However, a drawback of the application is that it does not allow you to convert multiple files at once, so in case you want to change the format of more than one movie, then you need to perform the same steps for each file. Still, the conversion process is performed very quickly.
Convert movies of any kind and transfer them to your mobile device
Since it comes with support for various output formats, here referring to Divx, Xvid, AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, MOV, VOB and FLV, to name a few, Movies2iPhone is able to convert your movie to MP4 format effortlessly.
After that, you can easily transfer your favorite files to iPhone (2g), iPhone 3g/3gs, iPhone 4/4s and the latest iPhone 5, iPad Retina (HD) and the iPad Mini, as well as to the latest generation of iPod devices.
Insert subtitles to any iPhone, iPad or iPod
Another important feature worth mentioning is the possibility of adding the proper *.srt files to your movies.
Once you have transferred all the converted videos to your mobile device, you can easily toggle on or off he subtitles during playback.
Bottom line
All in all, Movies2iPhone comes in handy for users who need to convert movie files to MP4 format and transfer them to their mobile device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod, along with their proper subtitles.


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Renamer Description:
Renamer Description:
Auto renamer is a simple and easy to use application that can easily rename many types of files and folders using two simple steps.
Start right away with the app without spending days in getting it setup. Renamer automatically recognizes in a matter of a minute or two how it can rename your files while sorting and renaming them into folders and subfolders.
You do not need any kind of previous experience or special knowledge in any kind of coding. Also, the interface is very simplistic and consists of a small window at the top for you to select files or folders and a main window with three tabs.
Just drag and drop the files and folders into the main window, select the file type that you want to rename and select the appropriate settings. Then just press the ‘OK’ or ‘OK’ button, depending on what kind of file it is, to rename it.
After the first rename, there is no need to stop or close the main window. You can continue to run the app and rename many files at a time to make the process as fast as possible.
✔ Redo capability – Auto renamer has the feature of maintaining the previous renaming result, redoing the same operation if you don’t like it for whatever reason.
✔ Many Format support – The app can rename not only files and folders but also any kind of text, numbers, scientific documents, PDFs, HTMLs, VHDLs, MBRs and so on. You can even add a single character to the end or beginning of any type of file or folder.
✔ Two simple steps – In order to rename any file or folder, you only need to drag it into the main window and select the option.
✔ Save your files – Auto renamer is a really light application, consisting of around 8MB of your system’s memory. The application uses no space to store your files, so you don’t have to worry about it.
✔ Compatibility – Auto renamer is a really powerful application that runs on all systems with the latest version of Windows.
✔ Very easy to use – The user interface is really simple and doesn’t require any previous coding knowledge or training, therefore you do not have to spend many hours to figure out how to use it. After some usage you will definitely become familiar with the app and get the hang of it.
✔ No Internet connection – Although the application can recognize when it is online or

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Change file names in batches with amazing speed and precision. Get all the renaming features of Windows Explorer, like folder-based renaming, sequence numbers, and more. And then, without renaming anything, save time and effort by converting names to a new format like MP3 or ZIP.
Version 15.5.3:
– Folder-based renaming
– Renaming into MP3, AVI, and more
– Intelligent File Base Name Generation
– Sequence Number support
– File Path and Name changes
– Suppresses the EOL characters when saving a file (Mac OSX only)
– VBR MP3 support
– Large sample rates, 96 – 496 Khz
– Top Quality Encode
– Album List support
– “Music” and “pictures” on Windows Explorer context menus
– Better errors and suggested actions
– Fixed renaming of “Special” files (such as.mp3)
– Fixed incorrect context menu entry for “New” and “New folder”
– More detailed info on progress status in the status bar
– Fixed a rare issue that sometimes caused rare loss of data in the media file
– Fixed an issue where the directory being renamed would not be accessible by the Media Player
– More fixes, improvements, and new features
Renamer Cracked Version Requirements:
Windows 2000 and higher
Internet Connection required (up to 50 MB)
Copyright (C) 2017, Alorsoft, Inc.
All rights reserved.
Q. Does this app support encryption?
A. Yes
Q. How does this compare to other file renaming applications?
A. This app offers support for the most commonly used file formats, including but not limited to MP3, WAV, AVI, MKV, WMV, and many more. It also works with some other formats, but you have to do additional work on your own to get support. For a comparison of other applications, check out our list of best audio converter software.

Free File Renamer Torrent Download
Free software to change the file name of files or folder and you can save the time, when find the same file by different name.
-You can set the data which change the file’s file name and the time.
-When you press button, you can quickly and easily find the same file.
-With this software, you can get the time to

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Descriptive, short, non-obtrusive and legal. Removes illegal keywords from filenames and file extensions. Especially suitable for use in web applications and for any scenario where you would rather keep the filenames and extensions intact rather than de-code them.
Backup Description:
Allows you to safely back up files from multiple systems, store all backup files to a single location, and restore them later. It is useful for users who need to make backups of different systems at the same time. The backup utility provides four different backup modes. After selecting the desired mode, you just need to specify the destination location and the number of backups to be stored.
Easy Image Description:
By simply using a PNG image, you can easily change the Text Box/Text Area background, add/remove images and text boxes on the canvas, resize widgets (Text Boxes/Text Areas), and create rounded images.
It is useful for creating custom widgets in Windows Forms, ASP.NET applications, and in Java/JSP.
Multifile Description:
Create a random, if you will. Allows you to create multiple files at once, with the automatic creation of different filenames with the same extension as that of the current filename being created.
For example, if you are creating a new word document, the software will ask you what kind of document you wish to create, and in the amount of lines. You can either go with the default, which will automatically assign a random filename, or use your creativity to name the file with your own text. The tool will easily accommodate your proposal, creating files with different extensions.
All in all, easy image creation software might not be the first software you think of using, but it is definitely a very handy tool that can make life much easier.
Base X Description:
Base X is an advanced, portable, and open source image and video tool. It is built upon libraries that are statically linked, well tested, reliable, and robust. Therefore, Base X can be easily used as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop.
You can save the images in raw, PNG, JPEG, BMP and GIF format, import images from other formats, cropping the image manually, setting the image size to any dimensions, saving multiple copies of the file, setting the image crop aspect ratio, and much more.
You can easily work with layers, and export your image in PSD and SVG format.
Besides the well-executed image editing features,

What’s New In?

The functionality of Renamer depends on the program being used. The newer applications come with the functionality of renaming, while the older versions simply allow for file-copying.
Hider++ provides users with an extremely easy-to-use application that allows them to hide or unhide files on their PC.
All users have their free will to decide if they want to keep the hidden files, or not. You can achieve your tasks using the application only with a click, so even novice users can benefit from the program as they can easily access their favorite files.


The use of the software provided on this site for purposes that are not described in the terms of use of the 3DM is restricted to uses that are in the best interest of 3DM.1. Technical Field of the Invention
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Depending on the type of wireless communication system, a wireless communication device, such as a cellular telephone, two-way radio, personal digital assistant (PDA), personal computer (PC), laptop computer, home entertainment equipment, RFID reader, RFID tag, et cetera communicates directly or indirectly

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 or newer.
Windows 7 or newer. Processor: 2.0 GHz processor.
2.0 GHz processor. Memory: 3 GB RAM.
3 GB RAM. Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 or equivalent.
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 or equivalent. Hard Drive: 6 GB available space.
6 GB available space. Sound: DirectX 9.0 Compatible sound card.
DirectX 9.0 Compatible sound card. DirectX: Version 11 compatible video card with DX11.
Version 11

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