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Assign names or tags to nearly anything on your mobile phone.
Tag any contact in your address book, send photos to anyone
Read anyone’s mail, listen to music and podcasts, and view voicemails, all in your phone’s email client.
Location-enabled mobile apps.
View the phone number and time stamp of every caller.
Snapact is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, even if you’re not near your phone.
Keep track of photo albums or folders in your phone’s address book.
Snapact is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch. Supported mail apps include:
Google Talk, Gmail, Google Voice,
Hotmail, Windows Live, Yahoo!, AOL,, Apple’s
Create Custom Tags:
When you are in a phone conversation, you will see the person’s name and phone number. Tag their name and talk to them about their photos. You can also tag what you say to people.
You can also tag any contact in your address book, including pictures, notes, contacts, or contacts with your phone number.
You can also assign names or tags to files.
If you also own a Blackberry or Android phone, you can view the phone numbers and time stamps for any caller with a particular tag.
Since Snapact uses a location-enabled app, its function will be limited outside of the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.
How to use Snapact:
Make sure you have a reliable email client installed to view and respond to messages.
To begin using Snapact:
Create a custom Tag for a contact if you like.
Open the location-enabled app, add the contact to it.
Assign names or tags to contacts, based on tags you’ve already created.
To manage your custom tags:
Open the app and select a contact.
Tap on ‘Info’ at the bottom of the screen.
Tap on ‘Tags’ in the info screen.
Tap on the item you want to rename, and enter a new name.
Add a new tag.
Tap on ‘Add’ at the bottom of the screen.
Choose a contact you want to tag.
The contact will be added to the list.
Tap on the ‘Tag’ button to select it.
Tap on ‘OK’ in the bottom left corner.
An app icon will be added.
App icon:
Tap the app icon.

Snapact Crack (2022)

Snapactis the ultimate picture manager for iPhone and iPod touch. Easily manage your files and organize them in different ways.
Quickly locate, edit and share your best pictures with friends and family all at once.
• Scan your photos in just one click and easily browse them in albums.
• Quickly create a slideshow or batch edit image files.
• Easily share your photos on Facebook and Twitter.
• Stylish and simple to use.
Improve your photography skills.
Take control of your images with Snapact.
• Easily scan and browse pictures in albums.
• Use the “Batch Edit” feature to organize your photos.
• Customize picture tools: Auto-fix, Crop, Color Adjust & Easy Sharing.
• Choose your favorite apps to edit your pictures in the editor.
• Create social share links and send them to Facebook or Twitter.
• Save your best images to have your best moments ready for your next photo booth.
Thank you for using Snapact!
Snapact is ad free.
Snapact mobile app features:
• Find & Locate your pictures
• Create albums
• Create social share buttons
• Batch Edit
• Create slideshow
• Change image size
• Edit photo filters
• Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and hue.
• Crop and Auto-Fix an image.
• Crop
• Light
• Cropping
• Auto-Fix
*Limited time offer, subject to change
Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

Snapchat is a photo messaging app that allows you to take photos or videos that will then disappear as long as the snap you are viewing lasts. You can share your snaps with other users so that only they can see them, or add interesting tags and filter the snapshots before sending to your friends. You can also add stickers to make the experience a bit more fun. Best of all, your friends and followers can also interact with the messages you share on Snapchat by commenting, mentioning you, or liking the snaps you sent.

Snappa is a quick and convenient way to share photos and video with your friends. The app lets you to send and share pictures to your friends by email, social networks, and IM clients. The photos are sent instantly, and once the recipients receive the messages,

Snapact With Key

SnapAct is a picture viewer and organizer for Android phones. It allows you to view pictures, albums, and to add or delete pictures from your phone.
Key Features:
* Catalog your pictures in albums
* Allows you to view pictures in full screen
* Automatically scans your phone for pictures and tracks your current location
* Allows you to share pictures you select with others
* Allows you to create image collages
* Allows you to share photos to Facebook, Twitter, MMS, Email, etc.
* It is a simple to use yet powerful tool for managing your pictures
SnapAct is not compatible with following devices:
– Xiaomi
– LG
– Huawei
– Sony
– Samsung
If you want to get other kind of software package related and working with your PC then you can check out our other software products:
Snapact is available for download. It requires Android version 5.0 or higher.
Download SnapAct for Android devices here:
Download SnapAct for Windows / Mac here:
SnapAct for PC Requirements:
SnapAct runs best on a Intel i5 or above computer.
SnapAct runs on screen resolution 9.7 inches and above.
SnapAct runs on memory (RAM) capacity 2GB and above.
SnapAct needs a storage (hard disk) space (SD card) of a minimum of 4GB.
SnapAct requires an Internet connection to download and update the app.
SnapAct is updated monthly.
SnapAct is compatible with Windows 7 and above, Mac OS X 10.7 and above, and Ubuntu 12.04 or higher.
SnapAct is free to download and use.
How to download and install SnapAct for Android?
You can download SnapAct from the official website of SnapAct.
1. Open SnapAct application and open the ‘Help’ menu and tap on ‘About’ option.
2. You will see the version number of the application.
3. Tap on the version number you see in the About section.
4. Tap on the ‘Update’ icon.
5. It will automatically download the application and install it.
How to download and install SnapAct for PC?
1. Open SnapAct application and open the ‘Help’ menu and tap on ‘About’ option.
2. You will see the version number of the application.
3. Tap on the version number you see in the About section

What’s New in the?

Snapact is a simple and cool piece of software which makes it possible to find and edit pictures even if the hard disk is filled. It features an intuitive and attractive layout, which makes it easy to browse through every picture found.
Snapact Key Features:
✔ Recognize your pictures based on:
– camera model
– photo print
– color print
– photo size
– major and minor faces
– flag
– photo number
✔ Store pictures in order to quickly find them
✔ Sort pictures based on album
✔ Edit pictures with built-in editor
✔ Create albums with pictures automatically
✔ Batch process pictures with preset variables
✔ Create quick launch icons
✔ Search via scanner
✔ Present your pictures with descriptive titles
✔ Create special folders
✔ Include macro actions
✔ Use GPS when available
✔ Repair corrupt pictures
✔ Restore as a copy
✔ Edit JPEG photos to JPG files
✔ E-mail pictures to your friends
✔ Set specific image properties
✔ Preview pictures with Geo-location
✔ Available in two languages
✔ Build-in editor lets you edit pictures with any software you like
✔ Supports full-screen and Mac-like desktop
✔ No uninstaller required
✔ Run on both Windows and Mac
✔ No adware and spyware

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I recently purchased the program and I’ve been using it in the Mac version. I’ve added about 200 pics/images to the program. Is there a way to export these images to iPhoto? I was under the impression that you couldn’t delete a file from Snapact other than the trash. The last time I opened the program, my iPhoto library was empty.

I understand that you can export the pics from Snapact to any location other than iPhoto, but is there a way to export these pics to iPhoto? Thanks!!

Sounds like you did not back up the iPhoto library before you updated iPhoto. You need to download the latest iPhoto library template to restore the iPhoto library. Get the latest template from:

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