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The JPEG file format has been replaced by Apple's High-Efficiency Image Format with the release of iOS 11. The reason for the switch is related both to the compression rate of this format and the graphic quality. On the downside, not many editors and graphic viewers are compatible with these types of files so, until your favorite editor or viewer is updated, you can use an application such as Tenorshare HEIC Converter to turn HEIC and HEIF graphics to the much more popular JPEG or PNG formats.
Choose HEIC/HEIF files on your PC or your iPhone
Focusing on functionality and ease of use more than anything else, Tenorshare HEIC Converter features a simple main window that offers two alternatives: either to convert HEIC and HEIF images you are storing locally on the host PC or process photos that are located on your iPhone. The latter option requires that your iPhone (with iOS 11) is connected to the computer and that iTunes is installed beforehand.
Whichever path you decide to take, the next screen is designed to help you select the input data. While you can add files on your computer manually, Tenorshare HEIC Converter does not allow you to browse the image folders of your iPhone. Instead, it scans the phone's storage and automatically detects all the compatible input files. All the data is displayed in an organized table, which also features previewing options.
Convert to PNG or JPG format
Unfortunately, the array of supported output formats is limited. The converted images can be saved in PNG or JPG format only. Nevertheless, these two file types are popular and can be opened with almost any graphic viewer or picture editor.
Tenorshare HEIC Converter enables you to decide upon the output's quality as well, which, by default, is set at 50% in the Settings window.
Batch convert HEIC/HEIF photos
One of the most important perks of Tenorshare HEIC Converter is its support for extracting data directly from the iPhone. In other words, there is no need for you to transfer the HEIC/HEIF files locally before converting, which saves a significant amount of time. Moreover, the application's batch conversion capabilities are time-saving as well.







Tenorshare HEIC Converter Crack

● The HEIF image is a file format that stores photographs using both JPEG and HEIF compression schemes.

● It’s a newer file format and has been designed to support the newer iPhone and iPad.

Tenorshare HEIC Converter Serial Key Features:

● It is a powerful and powerful tool to convert HEIF and HEIC to PNG, JPG and TIFF images.

● It supports converting HEIC, HEIF, JPG, PNG and TIFF.

● It allows users to convert HEIF and HEIC images to other image formats.

Tenorshare HEIC Converter 2022 Crack Requirements:

● For Mac users, Tenorshare HEIC Converter is a free download.

● For Windows users, it is available for free only on the Windows Store.


● It does not support ETS2, ETC2 and Exif 2.4 format.

● It doesn’t support B4W2 (Binary Format for Windows 2) file format.


If you are one of those who wants to use JPG or PNG formats exclusively, I believe that Tenorshare HEIC Converter will be a valuable tool for you. The conversion process is quick and simple, and the user interface is well-designed. To be honest, I wish that Tenorshare had supported more output formats. But for a free and simple application, Tenorshare HEIC Converter is worth its price tag.Q:

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Tenorshare HEIC Converter Crack+ Incl Product Key (Latest)

Tenorshare HEIC Converter is a powerful HEIC converter software, which enables you to convert HEIC and HEIF to JPEG, JPEG 2000 and TIFF formats. It converts more than 40 image formats in a batch mode. It supports all devices running iPhone OS v4.0 or later. In addition to image conversion, this tool offers you many other useful options. If you want to save time and have a great experience with all of your photo editing tasks, you should take this HEIC converter tool into consideration.

Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac OS X helps you to recover deleted/lost photos on Mac and the files are safely backed up into the Photo Recovery folder.

It provides a simple interface with powerful functionalities, allowing users to easily retrieve deleted/lost photos without any hassle. The program recovers photos from all Mac formats and SD/SDHC/SDXC cards.

What’s new in this version?
Version 6.0.0 Release Date: 2017-12-23
• Viewable image preview added.
What’s new in version 5.4.7?
• No update since June 2018.
• Optimized.
What’s new in version 5.4.6?
• Optimized.
What’s new in version 5.4.5?
• Fixed the folder issue.
What’s new in version 5.4.4?
• Optimized.
What’s new in version 5.4.3?
• Optimized.
What’s new in version 5.4.2?
• Optimized.
What’s new in version 5.4.1?
• Optimized.
What’s new in version 5.4.0?
• Optimized.
What’s new in version 5.3.7?
• No update since November 2017.
• Optimized.
What’s new in version 5.3.6?
• No update since February 2017.
• Optimized.
What’s new in version 5.3.5?
• Optimized.
What’s new in version 5.3.4?
• Optimized.
What’s new in version 5.3.3?
• Optimized.
What’s new in version 5.3.2?
• Optimized.
What’s new in version 5.3.1?
• Optimized.
What’s new in version 5.3.0?
• Optim

What’s New in the Tenorshare HEIC Converter?

Enrich Your Photos With HEIC/HEIF and HEVC Images
Tenorshare HEIC Converter is an all-in-one utility designed to convert HEIC/HEIF and HEVC (H.265) images from your iPhone and iPad to more commonly used formats. It's the only application that does it with one-click, and it also provides a HEVC-to-PNG file converter and a HEVC-to-BMP file converter.

Image Conversion

PartnerVerse 2.8
PartnerVerse 2.8 is the most complete desktop and web-based version of the award-winning service. Formatted specifically for the mobile market, it automatically organizes and delivers unlimited versions of your photographs to your smartphone and tablet, all from within the service.
Main Features
Import your photos from your mobile device.
Automatically create PhotoSync versions.
Workflow tailored to your needs.
Your device is smarter than ever.
Work with traditional file types.
Work with your shared calendars.
Access your photos from any device.
Receive and view your photos in the cloud.
Manage your identity.
Share and collaborate with your team.
Convert to different formats.
Cloud Information
View your photos in the cloud.
Teamwork Information
Manage and collaborate on team projects.
Convert to different formats.
Mobile Image Viewer
View and crop your photos in the mobile viewer.
Smart Filters
Apply a variety of built-in filters to your photos.
Calendar Integration
Keep your calendar up-to-date.
Import your photos from your mobile device.
Import your photos from your mobile device.
View your photos in the cloud.
View your photos in the cloud.
Cloud Information.
View your photos in the cloud.
Upload multiple photos at once.
Upload multiple photos at once.
Upload multiple photos at once.
Cloud Information.
Upload your photos.
Smart Filters
Apply a variety of built-in filters to your photos.
View your photos in the cloud.
View your photos in the cloud.
Crop your photos.
View your photos in the cloud.
View your photos in the cloud.
View your photos in the cloud.
View your photos in the cloud.
View your photos in the cloud.
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Sep 30, 2017

Image Converter

Planeshift is an incredibly easy-to-use image converter, so easy that it actually converts files for

System Requirements:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Drive: 2 GB
Graphics: ATI Radeon 9600
Screen Resolution: 1024×768
Adobe Reader:
Have fun!Q:
Selecting files from subdirectories
I have a directory containing hundreds of files. The directory structure is as follows:


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