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It is a simple tool which is intended for the benefit of those who want to send their SMS through the Way2SMS website. You only need to download this tool, enter your details and start sending messages easily.
Send messages for free to any network operator in India.
Easy to use
The application has a simple and easy to use interface which allows you to easily enter the details of the recipient.
It is also easy to start the sending of your message.
It is a Java-based program.
Send SMS to any network operator in India.
As its name implies, it will send messages for free to any network operator in India.
You can run the application on any platform – Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
Android and iOS compatible!
Way2sms Client
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Way2SMSClient For Windows

Send SMS messages or update contact details to more than 1 million number of contacts.
Send a group or single message to more than 5 million number of contacts.
Send messages from URL or upload the contact list that you want to send messages to.
You can send Text, Link, Image, Audio, Video or Zip data to contacts.
Import existing contact list or directly add contacts from different address books.
Quickly send or update contact information with a single mouse click.
Advanced options allow you to control your sending.
You can add attachments to messages and send directly from attached file.
Work from multiple computers simultaneously
Support for multiple languages and U.S., Canadian and European phone numbers formats.
You can set a minimum number of characters for messages that will be sent.
Automatically remove cancelled messages and if the connection is lost, Way2SMS will automatically reconnect.
Resend messages automatically if the connection is lost or slow.

Send SMS from any Windows application:

With Way2SMS you can send SMS messages directly from your Windows application.
Way2SMS will work inside your Windows desktop applications and is available for all Windows versions available, such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8, Windows Server 2008 and 2012, Windows RT and Windows Phone 7.Comparison of total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in dogs with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.
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Way2SMSClient Crack +

1) Provides a simple interface that helps in sending messages to the desired user.
2) Has a user friendly friendly design that helps anyone in sending SMS messages even a beginner.
3) Has easy to use settings options so that users can configure it easily for best results.
4) Has an input box with numbers that helps to just enter the numbers that you want to send and in a second there is a screen that shows the way2sms web page and in a few seconds it sends.
5) Has a schedule option that helps you to send messages at any desired time of the day with just a single click.
6) Has a moderate memory usage.
7) Has a list of multiple recipients that helps in sending multiple messages at once.
8) Has a easy to use interface that has an easy to understand description for each option.
9) Has no paid configuration option
Way2SMS Client Features:
1) Windows Application
2) Easy to configure
3) Easy to use with most of the common phones
4) Works across platforms
5) Compatible with all the version of windows
6) No extra, unnecessary software
7) Can send number from 0 to 9999
8) Can send multiple at once
9) More than a few text options
10) Uses dynamic data entry
11) Can send even mobile phone numbers
12) Can send the text/SMS from mobile as well
13) Has short cut keys
14) Has a Schedule
15) Has a Multitasking
16) Applies all the techies in sending messages
17) Has no connection limit
18) Can save your numbers in the clipboard
19) Available for Linux and Mac
20) Has no.Net framework
21) Has no external jar files
1) Complete Applications
There are some applications that you can buy for sending SMS. But these applications are way too complicated and need extra time to configure.
Way2SMS just needs simple settings and it’s ready to use.
Every change you make in Way2SMS can be saved in the settings and you can use it next time.
Moreover, the settings may be even downloaded to other user’s computers if the same configuration is there.
There are almost no hours spent in setting up and configuring.
It has an easy to understand description and easy to change settings.
You just need a web browser to use

What’s New In Way2SMSClient?

– Send SMS messages from your PC
– Easily share with your friends
– Send multiple SMS messages
– Send messages in bulk with authentication

Your feedback is welcomed.

Welcome to download!

Updated on 2016-02-14

Download for your system:

For computer operation system:

After download for the operation system, right-click on the *.exe file and choose the option “Run As Administrator” from the context menu and then click OK. You can now run the program in your system

For computer operation system:

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For computer operation system:

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For computer operation system:

Download Here to computer operation system.

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System Requirements For Way2SMSClient:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
Processor: Dual Core (2.6 GHz) or Quad Core (3.2 GHz)
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or ATI Radeon HD 6870 with 1GB of video RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 3 GB available space
Additional Notes:
This is a DIRECTX11 game. Please note that DirectX11 is not supported on the Macintosh platform.
If you


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