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Webpage Thumbnailer is a free capture application that can capture entire webpages from multiple specified websites and save them as images. The interface is designed in a simple but consistent layout and we can easily populate the task list with multiple websites before starting the automatic image capturing and saving operation.
It’s possible to write multiple URLs, add local files with saved webpages (HTML, HTM, MHT, MHTML or TXT format), add plain text documents containing URLs (one per line), as well as save the current list to TXT format.
During the task, we can view the URLs and file paths along with their status (success or fail).
It’s possible to pause or cancel the entire job, as well as to retry if Webpage Thumbnailer failed for any links.
We can also view and edit the webpages/captured images right from the application’s interface.
Webpage Thumbnailer Feature Overview:
Built in capture interface
Capture entire webpages and save them as images
Multiple websites supported
Save image files to the specified location
TXT support
URLs, file paths and check/uncheck status
Save lists to TXT
Options for easy configuration
Configuration files
Commands list
Configure options and task schedule
Schedules tasks for single or multiple websites
Thumbnail file format support
JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF and support for DDS, PSD and other image extensions
New image caption
Options to change browser options and idle time
Monitor captured image files
Supported web browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and Chromium
Minimum system requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
Free for home use
Requires.NET Framework 1.1 or higher
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Software title:The Ultimate Web Page Thumbnailer Software
Name:The Ultimate Web Page Thumbnailer Software
Release Date:2012-04-17
Operating System:Windows
System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Webpage Thumbnailer License Key (Latest)

Cheap, Powerful & All-in-One Image Resizing & Capturing Tool

No need to install all these different programs to resize multiple images or generate thumbnails


It can resize and capture images at the same time

Very small in size with only 5.1 MB in size

Very easy to use, this software is similar to its windows default Image Resizer

Captures images from URL or saved HTML

Allows to specify a single website or a list of sites to capture images

It works with FTP

All images are saved in the target directory

You can capture images on timeout

If the network connection is lost, it will automatically capture the images

you can save the images in the target directory or open them using external programs

Easy to use!

Bottom Line: I recommend this product because of its minimal requirement, working and features.


Article Name

Cheap, Powerful & All-in-One Image Resizing & Capturing Tool


Webpage Thumbnailer is an advanced application that can capture entire pages from multiple specified websites and autosave them to the computer as image files.

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Paying Guests

The following which uses too many time and memory to re.

Viktor Brajo




Bought it?


A great image Resizer/Thumbnailer, but it generates… numerous 16-bit frames per image ( Unfortunately, after stopping it, it can’t be restarted.

David Mackenzie


Daughter in law is a… work i.i.d.

I bought this software and i need to capture 6000 images from 50 sites to email it to my subscribers.. (more than 150,000 visitors per day)

The whole process takes 2 hours and now i have more than 100 gigs of image files that are too big to store on my PC (128 gig).

i need more ram then 500 gig

I would like to pay to your support for the work you guys do.

Matt Crump


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Webpage Thumbnailer

– Use Webpage Thumbnailer to capture entire web pages and save them as images (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP or TIF).
– Capture webpages from multiple specified websites and save them to the computer.
– Capture webpages from URLs or local files (see program description).
– Change URL capturing options like the width or height of the saved thumbnail images.
– Download the program from the previous link and get a lifetime free trial of the full version.
– Set the saving directory, image extension (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP or TIF), file naming pattern, JPEG quality, image width and height restriction.
– Set tasks and run them automatically.
– The program is highly compatible with windows.
– Change the program’s settings to fit your needs.
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