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■ Clean up your Internet Explorer
■ Repair your IE affected by malicious websites
■ Clean out temporary files, abandoned cookies, and other file remnants from your computer
■ Deleted items can be restored by the automatic re-indexing process
■ Repair search index that is not working in Internet Explorer
■ Removal of unwanted or unfiltered cookies, index files, etc.
■ Caches, RecentList, Private List, etc.

WinClearup Utilities downloads and installs the software in a few simple steps. It provides free trials for 30 days which are already running or available for download. The trial process will let you find out if the solution you need really works as the interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. The process of purchase is somewhat complicated, but it`s all explained in detail for your convenience.

The cost of WinClearup Utilities is currently $29.95. You can get your license key for WinClearup Utilities 2005 once you have purchased it. In case you run into any installation troubles or other problems, you`ll be able to get hold of technical support. You will also be able to get access to the user support forum to discuss the various aspects of WinClearup Utilities 2005.

What is new in official WinClearup Utilities 2005 software version? – New Release. What is expected in the future? Newly-made WinClearup Utilities 2005 be downloaded from current page, we also looking forward to unconfirmed updates. You may download 30-day trial for WinClearup Utilities 2005 directly, estimated download time by Dialup or GPRS [~56 kbit/s] is 0:01:15. Just write the reviews of the WinClearup Utilities. Buy WinClearup Utilities 2005 now!

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Pace yourself and enjoy a clean Internet Explorer browser experience. This is your best option to keep your Windows clean!

The most effective browser for searching is obviously IE and of course, the most annoying one is Internet Explorer. However, what if it can be cleaned up and all your annoying surfing traces are erased too?
WCleaner Utilities will clear away your IE cleanly and quickly.

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Finds all unwanted files and deletes them with a couple of clicks!
The latest version of FreePC Cleaner is now available.
With a new visual and interactive interface, FreePC Cleaner is one of the most user-friendly cleaning tools available. For instance, the new cleaner allows you to remove all traces of browser cookies, temporary Internet files, recent files, and any other history traces that slow down your web browsing.

What’s new in version
Fixed: A long-standing issue that causes the program to crash has been fixed.
Added: An auto-start menu was added.
Enhancements: An add-on menu has been added.
When using FreePC Cleaner you get instant results without having to go through a bunch of guesswork.

A easy to use interface makes it easy to get started.
The best part about FreePC Cleaner is that you can remove it whenever you want, for free!

So, what are you waiting for?
Get it now and enjoy a cleaner, faster, and safer internet!

You can try the product before you purchase.
The software is an easy solution.

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WinClearup Utilities Crack+ [Mac/Win]

WinClearup Utilities is a software that helps you protect your privacy.
It removes all traces of your online activities to prevent theft or accidental disclosure of your personal information or identity.
WinClearup Utilities 2005 removes browsing history such as cookies, temporary Internet files, index files, recently accessed files, Typed URLs, etc. It also repair IE affected by malicious websites.
■ 30 day trial
Some reviews may be based on our own criteria, such as spam or scam,
and may not necessarily be the opinions of anyone else.

1. Install WinClearyup Utilities 2005
2. Extract the exe file to your hard drive (it is about 2.8 MB).
3. Run WinClearyup Utilities 2005 and hit “Start”; follow the on-screen instructions.
4. You may restart your browser and surf normally.
5. You can uninstall WinClearyup Utilities 2005 by extracting it to the recycle bin of your PC and press the “Delete” key or by using Add/Remove Programs in your control panel.

5. Read the full User’s Guide before installing WinClearyup Utilities 2005.

Please note that buying the original full version of WinClearyup Utilities 2005 will let you receive
numerous useful hotfixes, more powerful features,
and extra online support for
a lifetime license
that unlocks all the content below the free, temporary 30-day trial
license key (this includes
Browser and Desktop Cleanup, Automatic Privacy Cleanup, SQL
Database Cleanup, Auto-Trace De-duplication and WinCLEARYUP OFFSET).
Full pricing is listed on the “Pricing” page.
You may also buy the single elements of the User’s Guide.
Purchase a combo pack that includes all our User’s Guides, and
get one-on-one help for further discounts or even free training.

The “Complete
Edition” is the most comprehensive version
of our Software.
The benefits of having the full package include
customizable help, in-depth online help,
and deep support for a lifetime license.

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What’s New in the WinClearup Utilities?

WinClearup Utilities Software is the new Internet Explorer cleaning program that help you protect your privacy.
More than 5 billion Internet messages are sent every day worldwide, an average of 86.2 million per minute.
This information is always stored in your internet browser, for example, browser history, temporary Internet files, index files, recently accessed files, Typed URLs, etc.
WinClearup Utilities is a software that helps you protect your privacy.
Some of the hidden files will make your PC slow and become annoying, sometimes they will make your Windows unable to run, so this software is your best choice.
This program clean your internet history from cache, cookies, etc. for resolving some troubles with IE.
Please allow this software time to run before removing it from your computer.
This program do not alter the configuration of your internet browser.
Windows version 6.0 to 8.0
WinClearup Utilities 2006 Information
WinClearup Utilities 2007 Information
WinClearup Utilities 2008 Information
WinClearup Utilities 2009 Information
WinClearup Utilities 2010 Information
WinClearup Utilities 2011 Information
1. Internet Explorer cleaning history
2. Browser search history cleanup
3. Temporary files cleaning
4. Index files cleaning
5. Typed URLs cleaning
6. Cookies cleaning
7. Private browsing history cleaning
8. Manual removal of temporary files and index files
9. Delete history records on demand
10. Delete cookies on demand
11. Delete temporary internet files on demand
12. Repair Internet Explorer

System Requirements:

macOS 10.10+ or Windows 7+ or Linux (tested on Ubuntu)
A high-speed internet connection
OpenGL: 2.0 or higher (ES 2.0+ required)
Multithreaded rendering: AMD APP or Intel Parallel
CPU: AMD A8 or higher or Intel i5 or higher (Core i3 only)
Audio: EAX or ALSA
Input: Keyboard, mouse, gamepad, joystick or other gamepad supported by Steam Input.
HDD space: 32 GB (

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