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WxQuran Crack + Product Key Download

Readings of selected verses or can help you find a specific chapter.
Now, you can choose to read the Quran via this handy software.
wxQuran Features:
All the features of alQuran (online Quran Browser and Book Reader) are available.
1. Save and Load the Quran as MP3 Audio and HTML.
2. A complete Quran “Book” Book containing all the verses available.
3. Display the Quran text as wordings, Risalah, and Narrations.
4. Play the recorded verses multiple times back-to-back (any number of times)
5. Preview the Quran text to help in pointing out Verse and Reading positions.
6. Display ‘-inga’ and ‘-enda’ values in x,y coordinates for easy verse
7. Display Charts like the one found in the website www.islamiccharts.com.
8. Display Quran Readers used by Musa and other Prophets.
9. Supports various Quran Languages like Urdu, English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Persian
You can Find the following Verses with wxQuran:
1. Book of Allah (Taukeemah)
2. Book of Evidence (Al-‘Irshad)
3. Book of Allah’s Apostle
4. Receiving the Revelation (Al-Maa-im Al-A’mal)
5. Concerning the Book (Al-‘Ankabut)
6. Receiving the Revelation (Al-Maa-im Al-A’mal)
7. Concerning the Acceptance (Al-‘Anjuman)
8. Book of the Jews (Al-Kitab-al-Mudrar)
9. The Attributes (Al-Quran Al-Kareem)
10. Concerning the Paradise (Al-Quran Al-Kareem)
11. The People of Paradise (Al-Quran Al-Kareem)
12. Hellfire (Al-Jahannam)
13. The People of Hellfire (Al-Jahannam)
14. The Day of Judgment (Al-Qiyamat)
15. The Day of Resurrection (Al-Rasheed)
16. The Meeting (Al-Jathiya)
17. The Eve (Al-Nafs)

WxQuran With Key For Windows [Updated]

The wxQuran Free Download software is developed as a simple and Open Source tool that’s designed to help users explore the texts found in the Quran.
wxQuran Free Download can play readings of selected verses or can help you find a specific chapter. Now, you can choose to read the Quran via this handy software.


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WxQuran Crack [Mac/Win]

Provide a search option of search keywords in the entire Quran
Generate a list of the most common words in the whole Quran.
List of Verses Most Often Used in the Quran and the Book of God
List of Chapters that are Most Often Used in Quran
List of Verses in the Quran that Refer to the Jinn, the Devine, and the Soul
List of Verses in the Quran that are About war, fighting, and life
List of Verses that are About the Morality, love, and wisdom
Comprehensive List of Allah’s Quranic Verses

You can use the various tools available in wxQuran to find a verse or a chapter in the Quran, easily explore the books and chapters in the Quran.

Many features are available to make it easy and simple to search for a verse or a chapter in the Quran. A preview of the Quran’s texts appear under the tool bar as a window, which helps you to search efficiently. You can also read the Quran’s texts in your own language (Arabic/Persian/Urdu/Urdu/English/Eglish/Swedish/French/German/Spanish/Greek).

The Search Mode is available in wxQuran, by which you can choose to search for any verse in the Quran, one verse at a time.

You can define a range of the Quran text you wish to search in using the Text Range function.

The Full Text of the Quran can be displayed at the bottom part of the search window, which helps in searching. The Full Text contains the Quran texts in chronological order (a.s.a.s). With the Full Text of the Quran, you can navigate to any verse in the Quran at any time of your interest.

You can choose to search the Quran for any verse in the entire Quran, in a specific chapter or for any specific word. This can be done by specifying the text range.

You can search for and list the Quran’s chapters by specifying the chapters number.

You can search for any verse in the Quran and select it and read it in any of the available languages: Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Urdu, English, Eglish, Swedish, French, German, Spanish, Greek and Latin.

It is also possible to find the most frequent words or phrases that occur in the Quran.

The wxQuran software is free to use. You can donate

What’s New In WxQuran?

1. Includes 100,000+ Audio and Text Quraan
2. Huge Library of Audio and Text Books
3. Book Selection Via Color Codes
4. Interactive EQ and Pausing of Audio
5. You can also Print Quran in Multiple Views and Fonts
6. You can also set font color of the verses, introduction, and auto default color for the rest of the book.
7. According to user-based setup, you can also specify the Reader option
8. You can also download new audio books as they are released
9. 6 Fonts (Arabic, Latin, Japanese, Devanagari, Devnagari with Ashrafi, Devanagari with Nastaleeqi)
10. Automatic Book matching, Arabic, and English
11. Supports Unicode version 10
12. Supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, 2008 Server etc.
13. Supports all versions of USB, Firewire, Parallel Port, RS232, SD & Regular IDE Drives
14. Free Software, Price: $0.00
Full Features:
1. Connects to USB, FIREWIRE, Paralel Port and Regular IDE Drives
2. Loads Audio and text books from the hard drive.
3. Supports Unicode version 10
4. Supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, 2008 Server etc.
5. Supports all versions of USB, FIREWIRE, Paralel Port and Regular IDE Drives
6. Read Quran on your Windows Laptop, PC, or tablet
7. Wa-Allah, Surah 1-5 Minareet, Surah 6-8 Minareet, Surah 9-10 Minareet, Surah 11-12 Minareet
8. Wa-Allah, Surah 1-3 Mureet, Surah 4-6 Mureet, Surah 7-8 Mureet, Surah 9-10 Mureet
9. Wa-Allah, Surah 1-6 Minareet, Surah 7-8 Minareet, Surah 9-10 Minareet, Surah 11-12 Minareet
10. Wa-Allah, Surah 1-9 Mureet, Surah 10-11 Mureet, Surah 12-13 Mureet
11. Wa-Allah, Surah 1-5 Minareet, Surah 6-8 Mure

System Requirements For WxQuran:

OS: 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 with Internet Explorer 11
CPU: Dual Core or Quad Core 2.8Ghz or faster
Memory: 6 GB or more
Hard Disk: 20GB
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
OS: 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 with Internet Explorer 11
Memory: 8


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