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yMail is a useful tool for organizing and managing your emails. You can use it to create folders, set events and schedule them and keep your messages in order and out of sight.
It’s a single piece of software which helps you see all your email together. With yMail’s functionality, you can add and save attachments to emails, do bulk or clean your mail, scan your emails and import contacts.
– Email organizer
– Creating folders
– Scheduling events
– Import contacts
– Load emails (PDF, text or html files)
– Scan messages
– See attachment in Message List
– Invisibility and protection from viruses
– Send / Receive messages
– Mark messages as Spam / Good
– Open messages in new window
– Change colors and font of text
– Quick filter
– Import contact list
– Import address book
– Add password to your account
– Password reminder
– Sorting
– Scaning messages
– Change font, colors and size
– Notify on changes
– Mark as read / unread / deleted
– Open in new window / new tab
– Reply to multiple emails at once
– Mark as delete / delete permanently
– Export / Import contacts
– Text / HTML / plaintext / PDF files
– Save to: zip, s

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yMail is a software that ensures you are always up-to-date on your e-mail messages. It scans for new messages every time you enter the software and organizes your e-mails into folders.
The first thing you’ll notice with the yMail application is its interface, with an easy-to-use structure and a simple, modern look.
Since yMail is a Windows application, all the actions performed on the computer are automated, so you’ll have to do the minimum possible.
With the application, you have a choice of two types of screens: a scanner window, where you’ll see all the messages which have not been downloaded yet, and a mailer window, where you can read, send and reply to the already downloaded messages. In the latter, a folder structure is displayed on the left, while the previously selected mail is on the right.
In addition to reading messages, you’ll also be able to do the following with yMail:
-Protect your computer from viruses by not opening attachments automatically and by refusing to run executable files.
-Sort your e-mails into folders, depending on the subject you’re interested in.
-Add/remove messages from the list of messages.
-Receive the e-mail messages that match a certain criterion (such as the sender, receiver or the subject).
-Send messages from one address to another.
-Receive new mail notifications.
-Use filters that automatically adjust themselves depending on the e-mails you are receiving.
-Set events that are executed on a recurring basis (daily, weekly, monthly etc.).
-Automatically applies the proper settings for the different e-mails you receive (don’t download, don’t open attachments, open safe files etc.)
-Works well with e-mail servers of the most popular software companies: Yahoo!, Gmail and other specialized servers
-Includes a built-in virus scanner
-Adjusts to the e-mails you are receiving to give you a comprehensive analysis of their content (phishing and spam are considered to be e-mails which are not safe to open)
-Allows you to receive important e-mails in your main inbox.
-Allows you to prioritize your mail.
-Allows you to sort the received e-mails into folders, depending on the subject you’re interested in.
-Has a built-in change of address tool.

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yMail is a software program that can be used as a standalone client for your e-mail or as a cleaner for your existing mail setup.
The interface of the program is quite simple and therefore, easy-to-use for any type of person, no matter their experience with computers. There are two types of screens you can toggle.
The scanner window displays messages that have not been downloaded yet, which and can be marked as spam or good. The second is the mailer window that enables users to read and reply to already downloaded messages. This one presents a folder structure on the left, and the previously selected mail and all the attachments it may contain, on the right.
yMail offers the possibility of creating certain events which can be programmed to repeat on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly etc.). This can be helpful if you have to write, for example, a weekly report for your boss or other similar activities.
The spam filters of the program are based on a technique that automatically adjusts every time you enter a new variable. This means that you can show the app which mails are spam and which are not (before downloading them) and it will remember your settings. In a while, the mail will sort everything efficiently without actually needing any more input from you.
Depending on the user’s preferences, the application also helps you protect the computer from viruses by not opening attachments automatically and by refusing to run executable files.
All in all, yMail is a very handy application that can be used as a standalone e-mail client or just as a message scanner.

Panda Mail is a free easy to use alternative to Outlook Express, a free program for most personal and professional computers. The application allows you to work on multiple emails at once, as it supports multiple windows and different file formats. Not only can you arrange email messages into threads and archive them, but also you can manage your contacts, view the folder structure, manage attachments and files and edit HTML messages.
The program is optimized for both personal and professional use. The program itself has an individual security and protection system, which enables you to protect your computer against viruses and other types of malware, while keeping a clear archive of both files and emails.

Comes with a full suite of quality tools including calendar, contact lists, newsgroups, TOs/ccs, flags, task list, address books, and many others. Can be installed in parallel with MS Outlook, if desired. Features include:

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Purchasing yMail

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System Requirements For YMail:

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System RAM : Minimum 512MB
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Sound Card : DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Network : Broad


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